Oh, hey Friday!

Good morning and happy Friday!


Yesterday was Speedwork Thursday. To mentally prepare myself, I allowed a “little” lunchtime treat…

I love Chipotle! Seriously! I cannot get enough!

After work, I threw on my running clothes and made my way over to Fit2Run. I love working in our South Tampa office on days I run at the store. It’s like 15 minutes away and I don’t have to worry about rushing.

I got there a bit early and was asked to participate in a quick photo op for Fit2Run’s Fashion Friday. I hope I don’t end up looking like a dork, but we’ll see. You’ll be able to check them out sometime today, here.

For the speedwork, it was super hot! But! I didn’t die and I didn’t vomit, so SCORE!

We did 2x300m, 2x200m, 2x300m, and 2x200m all with a 1:00 recovery in between.

I’m actually pretty proud of my splits! 🙂

  • (300m) 1:26
  • (300m) 1:23
  • (200m) 0:54
  • (200m) 0:55
  • (300m) 1:25
  • (300m) 1:26
  • (200m) 0:50
  • (200m) 0:48

I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend!

Question of the day

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

It’s Friday!!!

Good morning and happy Friday!


Yesterday was a pretty great day. I was productive and got a ton of work done. 

I had a run planned after work with a couple friends, but when it looked like none of them were going to be able to make it…and once it started to thunder…I decided to cancel that. I took a nap, and planned on going to the gym when the Boy got home to get in my run.

Unfortunately as we were leaving the house for the gym, I got super nauseous. The ride over didn’t help! Once there, I started with some light walking on the treadmill, but it just made me dizzy and all the more nauseous. I ended up riding the bike for 4 miles. 

I’m upset because I hate missing scheduled runs, but am happy that I didn’t just sit around and do nothing. 

Question of the day 

What are your weekend plans?

-Friday Night Date Night, an early Saturday morning run, a wedding to attend Saturday evening, and a lazy Sunday.

A crazy week calls for a long weekend…of FUN

Good morning and happy Friday!

I am so ready for the weekend! Oh, and…so ready for Magic Mike XXL!

Oh yeah! That’s right! Girls day at the movies begins in T-minus 5.5 hours and counting. Bring on the Joe, please! 😉 And yes, I know the movies are crap, but when you have this to look at, who cares?!

But first, it feels like I have been crazy distant this week. I’ve hardly been posting. I’ve hardly been reading/commenting on my favorite blogs. And, I’ve hardly been on social media. Work has been insane this week, but relief may be on its way very soon. Fingers crossed!

A few things from this week that I haven’t yet shared with you.

The Boy got me a new computer for my birthday! He’s just the best! I had been looking for something inexpensive to use at home as opposed to my desktop computer and Mac laptop I use for work. I narrowed it down to two options, and ended up choosing a Toshiba model. So far it’s great! 🙂

I have been snacking on cherries and frozen blueberries and frozen raspberries this week! I don’t like cherry flavoring, and up until last week had never eaten a cherry before. Much to my surprise I like cherries, and can’t seem to get enough.


I’m embarrassed to say I got behind on my 30 days of yoga challenge. I’m not proud of it, but I haven’t had the time or energy to do any this week. I do plan on catching up as much as possible over the long weekend.

That’s actually something I really need to work on. I love my job, but I work a lot. And, it can be very stressful at times. I need to be better about putting ME first.

I laid out my running schedule for the next 5 months, and am pretty stoked to begin the ACTUAL training next week. I still need to layout strength training, yoga, and foam rolling. And then (because I’m super dorky) I’m going to plug it all into a fancy spreadsheet and track every last thing possible. Yeah, get ready! I’m sure it’s going to be thrilling! 😉

Question of the day

Do you sometimes let your work feel more important than you?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?