2017 Reflection; 2018 Goals.

Holy #$%@

2017 came and went! It sure did make for a good year; albeit, a quick one. A lot happened. Let’s take a look on back.

  1. I coached a handful of runners, and got them to the finish line of their goal races
  2. I completed the Gasparilla Distance Classic Michelob Ultra Challenge
  3. I competed in my first ever triathlon
  4. I got pneumonia
  5. Went to Rhode Island
  6. I ran my third full marathon, and got to be there every step of the way for my baby sister’s first full
  7. Got to spectate the Boston Marathon
  8. Participated in the Walk to Cure Arthritis- Tampa
  9. I competed in a handful of short distance triathlons
  10. Overcame my fear and got back on a horse, 17 years after being thrown off
  11. I turned 30
  12. Fell in love with red wine
  13. I signed up for Ironman Florida 70.3
  14. I coached myself all the way to the finish line of Ironman Augusta 70.3
  15. I signed up for Ironman Chattanooga 2018
  16. I bought a Tri bike

CM Post- 011218

I appreciate all that 2017 gave to me, but I could not be more excited for what I have in store for 2018. It’s gonna take some hard work, but I’m prepared to give it my all. Some of my goals for the new year include:

  1. Work on doing a better job of getting in early morning workouts
  2. Track my daily food intake, and better understand my nutritional needs
  3. Meal prep weekly
  4. Make strength training a regular part of my training
  5. Bullet journal consistently
  6. PR my marathon
  7. Do 10 REAL pushups (don’t laugh!)

And, while I’m not making it a “goal”, I would like to do a better job about tracking (and sharing) my journey-to-Ironman.

Here’s to 2018! Let’s do this!

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