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Welcome to Cupcakes and Miles!

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Hi! Welcome to my blog- Cupcakes and Miles! I’m so glad you’re here!

Office worker by day; runner/blogger by night.

Live | Love | Run | Dream | 26.2

Fit2Run Ambassador

Team CEP

My name is Amanda; I’m 28 years old and I live just outside Tampa, FL. I’ve been in the Tampa area since 2005. Growing up an Army brat, I have lived all over, but I consider Colorado to be home.

I chose to start my blog when my baby sister left for the Navy as a way to stay connected. But it has evolved into so much more!

I started running regularly my senior year of high school; running on average one mile each day. In the years that followed (my 2005 high school graduation), I developed a love/hate relationship with running. Some days I loved it; some days I dreaded it. But I always knew it was there for me when I returned.

In 2012, I “trained” for and completed my first 5k. In September 2013, I was asked if I wanted to run the Walt Disney World Marathon in January 2015. After hysterically laughing for a solid two days, I finally stopped and asked myself, could I really do it? 

And, that was that!

Marathon Finisher

I’m a runner! Who would have guessed it?!

I’m not a fast runner. I’m certainly not a graceful runner. But, I am a passionate runner. It’s what I love to do!

So, join me on this journey…there’s bound to be Cupcakes & Miles.

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