It’s Friday!!!

Good morning and happy Friday!


Yesterday was a pretty great day. I was productive and got a ton of work done. 

I had a run planned after work with a couple friends, but when it looked like none of them were going to be able to make it…and once it started to thunder…I decided to cancel that. I took a nap, and planned on going to the gym when the Boy got home to get in my run.

Unfortunately as we were leaving the house for the gym, I got super nauseous. The ride over didn’t help! Once there, I started with some light walking on the treadmill, but it just made me dizzy and all the more nauseous. I ended up riding the bike for 4 miles. 

I’m upset because I hate missing scheduled runs, but am happy that I didn’t just sit around and do nothing. 

Question of the day 

What are your weekend plans?

-Friday Night Date Night, an early Saturday morning run, a wedding to attend Saturday evening, and a lazy Sunday.

7 thoughts on “It’s Friday!!!

  1. Sorry you felt sick! I’ve had a busy weekend and I am trying to catch up on the blog world now. On Friday, I had a wedding in Staten Island (1.5 hours from me) – reception went until 12:30 but I had to drive home because I had a bridal shower in the Poconos on Saturday (also 1.5 hours away)! Today I’m doing an open water swim and then going to a 70th birthday party. So busy!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

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