Ups and downs of training

Just 242 days to go…

I had a tough time training-wise last week.

Work and life got in the way, as they tend to do. You’d think by now, I’d have learned to balance everything. That’s not always the case.

Last week, I missed more training than I’d like to admit, and then I completely fell apart on my weekend long ride. I got dizzy, was shifting gears as though I had no idea how to shift gears, just could not get comfortable, almost lost control (a couple times) while in aero, and then… fell off the damn thing trying to dismount. And, you know what side of the bike I fell on? Yeah. The money side.


He seems to be okay though. I got a little banged up, but who cares, Louie is okay.

On Sunday, I went a little rogue with my training plan. Sorry Coach! I just needed to not follow it, yes even after the crappy week (training-wise). Instead of doing a double brick, I attended spin class (well, cycle class) for the first time in years. Fun! The last time I attended a spin/cycle class, I was sure I’d pass out. I didn’t, but it was touch and go. But, this time, I actually did really well. Heck, maybe I am a triathlete after all!

After spin/cycle, I hopped on the treadmill for a bit, and then… I went to yoga! I haven’t done yoga in so so long. I miss it! I could definitely tell I was still feeling the stress from everything earlier in the week, but it felt great to be back out there. I’m hoping to make that more of a regular thing going forward.

Monday’s are off-days for me, so just caught up on some non-training stuff yesterday. Groceries and laundry, for the win.

And today, I had to run. I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous. I still occasionally get “phantom” pain in my leg from my stress fracture. Yes, it’s been well over a year. I know. But, just over a week ago, the “pain” reappeared, and lasted for a few days. It really messes with my head when that happens! But, I got my run in! With no “pain”! And, I totally crushed it!

That’s the awesome thing about training! You can have a really sh#%$& day (or week, or whatever), and then turnaround and just rock your training socks off!

Just 242 days to go. We’re doing this!

2 thoughts on “Ups and downs of training

  1. Working out and training is tough in the winter, but you got this! What are you training for?! Good luck with it all and you know that spring is just around the corner (let’s hope!)!


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