Oh, hey Friday!

Good morning and happy Friday!


Yesterday was Speedwork Thursday. To mentally prepare myself, I allowed a “little” lunchtime treat…

I love Chipotle! Seriously! I cannot get enough!

After work, I threw on my running clothes and made my way over to Fit2Run. I love working in our South Tampa office on days I run at the store. It’s like 15 minutes away and I don’t have to worry about rushing.

I got there a bit early and was asked to participate in a quick photo op for Fit2Run’s Fashion Friday. I hope I don’t end up looking like a dork, but we’ll see. You’ll be able to check them out sometime today, here.

For the speedwork, it was super hot! But! I didn’t die and I didn’t vomit, so SCORE!

We did 2x300m, 2x200m, 2x300m, and 2x200m all with a 1:00 recovery in between.

I’m actually pretty proud of my splits! 🙂

  • (300m) 1:26
  • (300m) 1:23
  • (200m) 0:54
  • (200m) 0:55
  • (300m) 1:25
  • (300m) 1:26
  • (200m) 0:50
  • (200m) 0:48

I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend!

Question of the day

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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