Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

With this being the first official “Workout Wednesday” post, I must say I failed tragically last night. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it though…

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday is where I will recap the week’s workouts thus far.


I had 5 miles on the schedule to run, but between leaving work and getting to 7PM yoga, I could only squeeze in 4 miles. Hey, better than nothing, right?!

Had a great run! Definitely felt good to shakeout my legs after Sunday’s 10 miles.

Afterwards, I hit up a 60-minute Yoga Roots class (LOVE!!!), immediately followed by Chakra Meditation. Now that’s how you do a Monday!

This week’s Chakra Meditation focused on the Sacral Chakra. I love learning about all the different types of meditation.


Well…I had great intentions. My Tuesday’s in the recent weeks consist of a 30-minute corework session followed by a Tempo run. I was so so so bummed and frustrated with myself when I got to the gym 15 minutes before corework, went to change, and realized I forgot to pack a sports bra and socks! Ugh!

I ended up heading home and the rain kept me in for the night. But, next Tuesday, look out! 😉

Happy running!

Weekend ReCup: the lazy and late edition

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

And…Happy December!!

Happy December

Can you believe it? We made it to the 12th month! I’m sorry, where did 2015 go?

After Thanksgiving I got sooo lazy this weekend. I also found my post-marathon blues, but more on that later.

We have a ReCUP to get to…


Thanksgiving Thursday/Friday

My parents were out of town all last week. They flew in to Oklahoma the day of Route 66 and made it to Tulsa just in time to see me finish, and had plans to spend the week with my sister (stationed in OK City) and grandpa (who lives just outside OK City).

What all this meant, was that the Boy and I would have to fend for ourselves if we wanted Thanksgiving dinner. GASP!!

I’m sure you guys are well aware by all of the recipes I post here, that I have tremendous kitchen skills. I make a mean bowl of cereal, what can I say?! 😉

Needless to say, the idea of having to cook a dinner that usually takes my mom hours to prepare had me a little on edge. But! I love Thanksgiving! I couldn’t go without my favorite holiday. I decided to adult-up and make some deliciousness.

Well…the Boy, being the smartie he is, decided it would make more sense for him to cook, and to just leave the corn-casserole-making/sangria-drinking to me (and Smokey).

Photo Nov 26, 2 08 14 PM

And that is just what we did! We started zero fires, and got into zero arguments. I call that a successful first Thanksgiving.

Photo Nov 26, 3 15 07 PM

The majority of our Black Friday was spent lounging around and spending way too much time surfing the web. We did hit up the gym for day two of my Runner’s World Run Streak, and leg day.


Am I the only one that loves leg day? I would do legs everyday if I could!

I was hoping to get in two miles on the treadmill, but could only manage one. I was so uncomfortable and my legs just felt so heavy and sluggish. It was not a pretty mile.

Photo Nov 27, 3 08 44 PM

After the gym we headed over to Crispers for a late lunch…

Photo Nov 27, 4 26 34 PM

And Movie Stop and Kohl’s for some quick browsing. It was late afternoon by time we got out there, so the crowds had pretty much died down.


My parents were supposed to get in late Friday night, but due to some unfortunate weather/”technical difficulties” they were forced to stay the night in Houston, and catch the first flight of the day back to Tampa.

They made it home though, and that’s all that matters!

The Boy and I hit up the gym for Runner’s World Run Streak day three (attempt) and chest and triceps day. I settled into this pace a little better, and didn’t feel as uncomfortable as the day prior, but still not fully recovered.

Photo Nov 28, 6 58 56 PM

We had a wild and crazy Saturday night with pizza delivery and Pixar’s Inside Out. 

Such a cute movie! But definitely had more of a made-for-adults vibe than I was expecting. It wasn’t “naughty” or anything; I could just see the themes/storyline going over the heads of children.


I had big plans for Sunday. I was going to get my oil changed, and work on some blog-projects, and catch up on some reading, and all this stuff that sounded so good on paper. And then…laziness!

I had zero energy! I’m not being hard on myself though, I was out of town last weekend; I’ll be out of town again this coming weekend. And this is a very stressful time for me at work. If I wanna be lazy, I’m gonna be lazy. 😉

The Boy and I ordered a couple of the new Amazon Fire Tablets.

Photo Nov 30, 9 52 45 PM

They were on sale for 35 bucks and are the perfect size for ebooks and movie-watching on the go. They were delivered on Sunday, so I spent some time getting mine setup and figuring out how to use a non-Apple product.

A little later in the day, we went to the gym for back and biceps. I attempted Runner’s World Run Streak day four, and ended up throwing in walk intervals. I made it a full mile, but then as I was stepping off the treadmill my knee got a little cranky with me.

My knee was not liking the deadlifts I tried immediately after, so I gave up on that and just did some stretching.

In that moment, I realized I have to give up my Runner’s World Run Streak; it’s just not worth it. I want to start training again next week, and need to allow my body enough time to recover from Route 66. It would really suck if I pushed it too hard and injured myself, for what…a silly run streak.

On that note, I have been spending a lot of time with my new foam roller. I think I’m going to nickname this thing “The Beast” because that’s how intense it is.

Photo Nov 28, 8 53 43 PM

I’m also proud to announce I have signed up for my first ever half marathon race! I went about things a little backwards (with two fulls already in the bag), but I’m super excited for Gasparilla 2016.


Questions of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

Any other crazies out there that did a full before doing a half?

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

It has been a very busy weekend, but it has been super fun! Let’s get to the recap.


I went in early to work so that I could leave early. We drove up to Disney, to meet up with my uncles who are in town visiting from Illinois. My Uncle Phil and Uncle Mark love Disney vacations, and make a trip out about once or twice a year. And, after the awesome news Friday morning, I’m trying to convince them to have a Disney wedding. 😉

We met up at their hotel, and after chatting for a bit headed to dinner. We really enjoy Flipper’s Pizza so that’s where we decided to go again; it’s off Disney grounds, but is very yummy.

I was overly enthused when the waitress said they had bottled root beer. I LOVE classic bottled root beer, and get way too excited whenever I see it. So, when she came out with this, I just about died.


I’m sure my face was priceless!

For dinner, we shared a greek salad and cheese bread and a meat pie and margherita pizza.




Afterwards, we drove around and scoped out somewhere to grab some dessert. We ended up settling for McDonald’s sundaes. But, ice cream is still ice cream. 😉

We arrived home just after 10:30, and almost immediately crashed.


I went to the gym around 9:30, and couldn’t believe how busy it was. Granted, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the gym Saturday morning- it’s usually later in the day that I go. I left the house without my phone, and then when I got to the gym for some odd reason my book needed to be re-downloaded, so needless to say my plan for 5 or 6 treadmill miles quickly turned into some speed drills and some hill-work presets. It wasn’t the workout I wanted, but I still left there feeling great!

I came home and did two sessions of Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

Day 6- Six Pack Abs

Day 7- Total Body Yoga

I then relaxed for as long as I could before having to get ready for my Saturday night. Michelle came over, and we went into Tampa to go to Old Navy, before picking the Boy up from work (I took him to work in the AM because I wanted him to be our driver for our girls night out).

He dropped us off at Hamburger Mary’s for Katelyn’s bachelorette party, and…that’s where our Saturday night recap ends. Haha! Just kidding!


Hamburger Mary’s was so much fun! I had never been before. We got there at 6:30 for our 8:00 show. There were 11 of us in our group, and it got fun pretty quick. Our bride-to-be (who never drinks) was definitely going to be feeling in the next morning. 😉

I started with chips and salsa while I sipped on a super fruit margarita. For my entree, I went with a Blackened Blue Boy buffalo-meat burger. Very yummy!



I thought the prices were a bit steep, but you don’t really go for the food. We defnitely had fun and that’s all that matters.

After Mary’s we headed to Coyote Ugly for some more drinks and dancing, and once the bride-to-be had a few too many and needed to call it a night, a couple of us went to Bad Monkey. I can’t remember the last time I went out like that. It was so much fun, and we got home around 12:30 which I thought was a decent time.


I woke way too early for a Sunday. 7:00. And yes, it was tough after the night before. But…I had to get ready for PRIDE! 🙂 It was St. Pete PRIDE day, and one of our offices was co-sponsoring a booth with a local real estate team. I recruited Mr. Chris to go along with me. Asides from the morning rain storms trying to wash all of us away, and the 200 degree weather, it was sooo much fun! There were a ton of vendors out (quite a few that you wouldn’t expect) showing their support and it was so awesome to see! We got there just before 10:00 to help with setup, and then stayed until 3:00.


Mr. Chris and I came back to my house to rest and relax and watch a little Netflix. We then got ready, and headed out to a pre-birthday birthday dinner with my family. My birthday is tomorrow! 🙂

We went to Crazy Cafe and had sushi and hibachi dinners. YUMMY! As always!


After a long weekend, the Boy and I just want to relax tonight. If you need us, we’ll be watching a movie and eating my birthday cake. 😉


Question of the day

What’s the best thing you did all weekend?