Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of Workout Wednesday!

Workout Wednesday

Weekend Workout Recap

This weekend I enjoyed a beautiful 14 mile long run at Upper Tampa Bay Trail, and on Sunday was able to get in a nice 4 miles.



I have been struggling with Monday workouts; it’s just not an easy day for me (schedule-wise), but I am working on it. One thing we started doing to help with this is to do Costco every other week. This week was Costco week, so there was no time for yoga.

In terms of running, I was only able to squeeze in a mile.



I made it to the gym early enough to get in a nice warmup on the treadmill (about 1.25 miles), and a little foam rolling for a cranky calf, before hitting up a 30-minute corework class.

It was officially Beat the Heat day #1 at training group. This first workout included a 10 minute warmup, drills, strength training/corework, a 20-minute tempo run (2.13 miles at 9:26 pace), and ended with a 1 mile cooldown. Call me a run nerd, but it was a ton of fun!

Happy running!

Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

With this being the first official “Workout Wednesday” post, I must say I failed tragically last night. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it though…

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday is where I will recap the week’s workouts thus far.


I had 5 miles on the schedule to run, but between leaving work and getting to 7PM yoga, I could only squeeze in 4 miles. Hey, better than nothing, right?!

Had a great run! Definitely felt good to shakeout my legs after Sunday’s 10 miles.

Afterwards, I hit up a 60-minute Yoga Roots class (LOVE!!!), immediately followed by Chakra Meditation. Now that’s how you do a Monday!

This week’s Chakra Meditation focused on the Sacral Chakra. I love learning about all the different types of meditation.


Well…I had great intentions. My Tuesday’s in the recent weeks consist of a 30-minute corework session followed by a Tempo run. I was so so so bummed and frustrated with myself when I got to the gym 15 minutes before corework, went to change, and realized I forgot to pack a sports bra and socks! Ugh!

I ended up heading home and the rain kept me in for the night. But, next Tuesday, look out! 😉

Happy running!

Where did that speed come from?!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Thursday?! Already?! Seriously, where did the week go?

I have been having a GREAT week, both at work and with my training. I slacked off a bit last week, but felt rejuvenated coming into this week, and I think it shows.

Unfortunately my bestest little running buddy has been dealing with an ankle/calf issue that has hindered her training a bit this week. 

Last night she felt good, so hoping that continues to be the case.

Tuesday night’s tempo session was interesting to say the least. I don’t know what happened, but I was on fire. I was FLYING (for me). 

And even more exciting… I was able to carry on a conversation the entire time, I did NOT walk, and my legs could still function the next day. 😉
Check out these splits!  


After my lightning fast tempo session (hey, it’s my blog, if I wanna be The Flash, I’m gonna be The Flash) and my crazy hectic (read: up and about) work day, I was nervous coming into the Fun Run yesterday. 

I did a 2 mile warmup and for the life of me could not get myself to slow down that first mile. It felt like I was barely trudging along, but my pace was crazy for a warmup. I was finally able to reign it in for the second mile.

After a short break, it was Fun Run time! Mandy made it out and was able to run all three miles. Yay!!! We took it nice and easy though.

I’ve been making sure to get in lots of foam rolling, but need to get better about icing my knees.
Question of the day 

How has your training been going?