Whoa! That was an awesome workout!

Happy Wednesday!

We had a great descending ladder workout last night! It was tough, but so much fun, I just have to share it with you.

We started with drills (high knees, butt kicks, etc.) and did a round of body squats or push-ups after each. By time we finished drills, my arms were on fire. Love that burn!

Then, it was ladder time. The plan called for 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m, and 100m. 

My splits were as follows:

  • 5:38
  • 4:35
  • 3:01
  • 1:57
  • 0:51
  • 0:19

After a workout like that, you can’t help but feel like you accomplished something.

What was your workout yesterday?

Happy running!

Life funk, running funk, just funk, and…some speedwork highlights

Happy Happy Friday!

If you haven’t noticed, I have been in a bit of a funk. I haven’t been blogging, I’ve hardly been running, and I’m ready to kick this funk to the curb! I got no time for it! 😉

I’ve got tons to share with you, and I promise after this weekend, I will.

But, really I just have to share with you my speedwork highlights…

Last night we had 800m repeats. Up until lunch I was 98% sure I was skipping speedwork- I just wasn’t feeling it. I eventually found my big girl pants, and pretty much ate that speedwork for breakfast!

My splits were as follows:

800m x 6

  • 4:56
  • 4:50
  • 4:45
  • 4:39
  • 4:16
  • 4:07

The first few sucked and really just woke my legs up (for the first time in almost a week), the last two felt AWESOME and almost a bit effortless. Curious to see what happens on the next round of 800’s.

Oh, and to my F2R family (and one in particular)…

Speedwork ebib

Have a great weekend!

Question of the day

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

March Madness week one, killer speedwork, and new shoes!

Good morning and happy Friday!

Hey Friday, I’m so happy to see you…

This week kicked off March Madness at Fit2Run. We partnered up, picked awesome team names, and are now ready to log some miles.

Patrick and I collectively make up Team 29.6 (a play on our shared June 29 birthday). All miles logged for the March Madness competition have to be run from the store, so with me out of town the first half of the week, Patrick had to carry us. And he did a great job of it!

I’m excited to see how the next few weeks play out!

Last night we had a small group out for speedwork. Honestly some St Patty’s Day inspired cocktails sounded much better than running, but I do what I have to. 😉

This was a killer speedwork, and by “killer”, I mean killer! Oh boy did this kick my butt! I don’t know what it was- still being a bit jet lagged, allergies, the new pre-run fuel I’m trying (more on that later), or new shoes- but this just was not my night.

I even struggled through some of the drills. Get it together, Amanda!

My splits ended up much better than I was expecting to, and for the descending ladder workout we did, I “negative” split each of the distance groups.


This was my first run in my new running shoes. Yes, I got new shoes. I’m not terribly thrilled that I needed new shoes, but the Glycerin 13 I bought back in January are not working out.

It’s actually kind of upsetting. I love the Glycerin line! I’ve had two pairs of Glycerin 12 and had zero complaints, but the 13 model is just not right for my feet. I keep breaking out with blisters. New ones, in spots I’ve never had blisters before.

I decided to go back to the Ghost line. I wore Ghosts training for and finishing my first marathon, so I’m optimistic.

After training, I was starving m. I quickly made my way home to whip up a delicious salad topped with a grilled salmon fillet. Yum!

And then, I got in some much-needed foam rolling while watching The Office. 

Question of the day 

What’s your current fave running shoe?