Running MAYhem Recap

Throughout the month of May, I had a ton of fun participating in Fit2Run’s Running MAYhem social media photo contest, so much so, that I thought I’d recap all the fun and excitement here.

Day 1- Sunrise: Not quite a sunrise run, but still just as beautiful. 12 miles logged, now let’s get this lazy Sunday started.


Day 2- Music Monday: After a Monday that just would not quit, it’s time to LET IT GO! Running and yoga fix all things!


Day 3- Teacher Appreciation Day: She may not be a teacher, but she’s the smartest woman in my life, a great role model, and she taught me everything I know. In fact, she’s the reason why I run. Love my mom- my first and foremost teacher!


Day 4- May The Fourth Be With You: May the Fourth be with you! Happy #starwars day!


Day 5- Cinco de Mayo: Instead of crushing tequila shots, I crushed 400m repeats! Happy Cinco De Mayo! 6 x 400m repeats with a 2:00 rest in between. The wind was definitely a force to be reckoned with. And yet… Boom! 🙌🏻


Day 6- RUNFIE: #flashbackfriday to that time I #runfie‘d with @bartyasso!


Day 7- Cheers National Homebrew Day: CHEERS to a great@girlsontheruninternational 5k! We had a blast manning the finish line food station. Woot! Woot! Congrats to all the girls who have worked so hard the last ten weeks.


Day 8- Mother’s Day: On this Mother’s Day and #runningMAYhem day 8, I sit here and reflect on my biggest cheerleader, my mom. The greatest mom a girl could ask for. A mom so great, she (along with dad) flew in the morning of my second (full) marathon, rented a car, drove 45 minutes, and made it just in time to snap this photo seconds before I crossed the finish line. Happy Mother’s Day mom! I love you!


Day 9- Medal Monday: Happy Medal Monday!


Day 10- Double Trouble: You know you’re in for double the fun- or double the trouble- when you have to pull out both…


Day 11- Favorite Post Run Meal: Favorite post run meal…? Why… Waffle House, of course! Yum!


Day 12- Jump: Throwback Thursday to that time I JUMPED for cupcakes! Oh wait, that’s most days…


Day 13- Spooky Friday: Flashback Friday to that time (yesterday) I ran up a mountain. Whoa! Talk about spooky…


Day 14- Running besties: I am so beyond grateful for my running besties! In the short time I have known them, we have become family. Thank you @fit2run_tampa for giving me so much more than I could have ever hoped for!


Day 15- Hanging out: Runners that run together, hangout together. Love my running buddies on and off the track/pavement!


Day 16- Motivation Monday: “We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” -Marilyn Monroe. Definitely helps to put in perspective my#trainingforultra goal. 

Day 17- Like a rare flower: “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” 🌸 Training has its moments- the good, the bad, and certainly the ugly. 🌸 But, when you have the support and strength of family and friends rooting for you, it makes life that much sweeter. 🌸


Day 18- Spring Cleaning: Spring cleaning? Nah, just some reminiscing! These shoes have brought me some good miles and some great memories. They all tell a story! That story may be that I’m a @brooksrunninggirl… 😜 And, of course, I can’t forget to welcome @newtonrunning to the bunch!


Day 19- Favorite running gear: It’s #runningMAYhemday 19, and today’s theme is “favorite running gear”. As a modern-day runner, I have a lot of gear. But, the “gear” I am most thankful for, my most favorite “gear” are my own two feet. Everyday that I am able to be out there running, I am grateful that I am afforded the privilege to be able to do so. I try to find the joy in every run and not take it for granted because I know there are so many out there that can’t. And for that, thank you Feet, my most favorite running gear! 🙌🏻

Day 20- Fitness food Friday: New Food Friday post up on the blog! What are you eating today?


Day 21- Adventuring: Talk about an adventure! I had an absolute incredible 14 mile solo long run this morning and could not help get lost in all of the beauty that surrounded me.

Day 22- Sunday Funday: Who’s excited for#sundayfunday?! I think Smokey is!

Day 23- Mental Mantra: When the going gets tough, you can often hear me repeating my mantra, YOU GOT THIS! No matter what you have going on, just remember that you are strong, and YOU got this!

Day 24- Furry friends: It’s Furry Friends#runningMAYhem day!! Whoop! Whoop! I’ve got two wild and crazy nieces and my Smokester, the one I never thought would become the “quiet” one. They don’t accompany me running, but they sure do make life sweeter. 💛🐾

Day 25- Hump Day 5k: I missed my hump day 5k, but for good reason. I’d like to send a big happy hump day birthday shoutout to my favorite redhead! 🎉 Happy birthday Bubba! 🎉

Day 26- Thirsty Thursday: On this #thirstythursdayI am grateful for my early birthday present- THE @yeti 30oz Rambler! 😍 My boyfriend rocks! Thanks for keeping me hydrated!


Day 27- Fave running outfit: A good running outfit (i.e. a favorite running outfit) is one in which you feel good. When you feel good- and look good- the running just comes easier.#flashbackfriday to @gasparillatbr 2016 with my girl @milesplitmandy. Thanks to@fit2run_tampa @cepcompression@brooksrunning @nathansportsinc and@garminfitness for helping me look and feel my best!

Day 28- Running friends: Running friends make the best friends!


Day 29- Run inspired: I’m a distance runner! Just a little RUNspiration for your Sunday night.


Day 30- Red, white, & blue: I jump for joy and am proud to wear the red, white, and blue.



Day 31- Sunset: I run for many reasons- I do it for those that can’t, I do it for it brings balance to my life, I do it because I find joy in it, I do it for there’s always a sense of the unknown. If I didn’t have this unshakable love for running, I’d miss out on all the beauty life has to offer. Take for instance, a sunset run after a hectic day. 💛

Happy running!


South Tampa day, running buddy, and an anniversary shoutout

Good morning and happy Friday!

How is it already Friday?! This week has just flown by.

My Thursday was spent in South Tampa. I had a social media training to attend that was from 9-1; it turned out to be really good and educational. It was not however good that I skipped breakfast AND coffee (I’m not counting the two tiny cups I was able to scrounge up at the venue). 1:00 could not come soon enough! I was sooo hungry!

I invited one of my coworkers (Max) to lunch. I was too hungry to decide where to go, so she picked. We went to BurgerFi in Hyde Park. I had never even heard of the place. It was really good, but…I’m used to bigger burgers. 😉

Perfect day to sit outside...and watch the lamborghinis ride by.
Perfect day to sit outside…and watch the lamborghinis ride by.
BurgerFi. Yum!
BurgerFi. Yum!

Afterwards we headed over to Starbucks to get some fuel to make it to 5:00. I kept things simple and got a grande Blonde Roast. On the way back to my car, we saw the (second) cutest Australian Shepherd puppy. Like super super cute! Unfortunately though, I think I freaked out this puppy’s dad with my overly enthusiastic reaction to his bundle of fluff. I’m a dog-person! I can’t help it!

During lunch I was able to trick Max into going on a run with me after work. Yes! Once 5:00 rolled around we headed over to Bayshore to run the Riverwalk. It was really hot out when we started, but a breeze picked up that made it feel much nicer out. We ended up doing 2.62 miles. She’s not a runner, so I initially told her we’d play it by ear and go out for one or two miles. She did a great job and it was so awesome having a buddy there to chat with. 🙂

Sweaty run pic!
Sweaty run pic!

I even made a little deal with her… for every run she does with me, I will go on a bike ride with her.

On the way home, I stopped by Vitamin Shoppe and then grabbed a Chipotle salad to-go. I had a lovely dinner date planned with some Grey’s Anatomy. 😉

Chipotle and Grey's Anatomy! What more could I want?!
Chipotle and Grey’s Anatomy! What more could I want?!

And, on a side-note…

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the BEST parents a girl could ask for!!!! Can you believe these crazy kids have been married for 32 years?!?! 04-23-1983 ❤

April 1983
April 1983
April 2015
April 2015

Questions of the day

Do you prefer solo-running or having a running buddy?

— I used to prefer solo running, but after training for the marathon with the Boy, I’ve noticed (since he retired from running) that I’ve missed the companionship.

Happy Day and a New Smoothie For You

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a great day, but it was one of those busy days that really just drags. I don’t care for that too much but…there are far worse things that could happen, so no complaints here. 🙂

...with wine
…with wine

I had intended to try out a new smoothie for breakfast yesterday, but someone didn’t wake up with enough time to warrant that. My delicious new smoothie worked out perfectly for dinner though. Hah!

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Smoothie

What you’ll need

  • 1 1/2 large handfuls baby spinach
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 6-8 frozen whole strawberries
  • 1 scoop chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon wheat germ
  • 1 small handful walnut pieces
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 serving strawberry flavored greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup water


  • Blend all ingredients and enjoy!
Looks yummy, huh?
Looks yummy, huh?

I truly don’t feel I make enough smoothies with chocolate protein- I need to fix that! Hmm…

I enjoyed my smoothie-for-dinner smoothie while researching for a new consulting project I was approached with- more on that later. 😉

Now here’s a thought I must ponder out loud…

Is Facebook dead? My coworker recently told me that her kids don’t use Facebook because “Facebook is for old people”, and Instagram is where the kids are. And, just yesterday I participated in an awesome Instagram-based webinar presented by Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society in which she mentioned she has practically removed herself from both Facebook and Twitter. I believe that each of the social media channels has its’ own formula to master, and that each caters to a different demographic, but I’m not ready to discount Facebook. Are you?

Question of the day

  • Which social media channels do you subscribe to?
  • Which is your favorite?