Weekend ReCup

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a great weekend ringing in the new year.


I’m so excited to see what 2016 has in store, but first we have a ReCUP to get to…



Friday was Miss Boo’s last full day here so we tried to make the most of our time together.

Since Boo left for the Navy, she has gotten into indoor rock climbing during her off-time. So, she was really looking forward to hitting up Vertical Ventures in Tampa.

We met up early afternoon for some climbing fun! I don’t too well with heights, so I certainly wasn’t the best climber in the group.

I will give climbing credit for being a pretty killer workout. I was sweating my bum off!

We then cooled down with a refreshing smoothie from Xtreme Juice. So yummy!

I had barely enough time to get in my speedwork session that I wasn’t able to the night before, so I stopped by Bayshore and did 4 x 800m after my one-mile warm-up. Since I wasn’t at my normal spot, I tried to track the distance using an alert on my watch and unfortunately screwed up my splits when I hit the lap button.

I know that I was around my normal 4:30 pace, but I don’t have the actual breakdown.

The Boy and I met up with my parents and Miss Boo for pizza at East Coast.

After saying our goodbyes to Boo, we headed home so I could get packed up for my early morning long run.


You know you’re a runner when you’re waking up just as your night-owl boyfriend is getting to bed.

3:45 AM wake up call. Pretty brutal!

Mandy and I met at Fit2Run at 5:00 and then rode over to Coachman Park in Clearwater. Coach Kirsten had bridge repeats on everyones training schedules.

Photo Jan 02, 8 43 30 AM

There were two bridges and a total of six climbs. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot, which made for a beautiful long run.

Photo Jan 02, 8 59 18 AM

We ran a total of 10 miles; Don did his first-ever 15 miler (though his training schedule called for 14).

We were starved by time we finished and quickly made our way over to the Beach Shanty, a cute little beach diner. I went with the sampler platter and enjoyed every last bite.

Photo Jan 02, 10 03 46 AM

The remainder of my Saturday was spent shopping and running errands. And, then the Boy and I settled on Wok Chi for dinner.

Photo Jan 02, 6 32 12 PM

By time I sat down to relax, I had racked up over 16 miles worth of steps for the day. Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night… in my CEP compression sleeves, of course.


Our Sunday was pretty relaxing, and even better it was finally a bit chilly out (like mid -50’s).

After meeting Kat for some Jeremiah’s…

Photo Jan 03, 1 57 44 PM

It was time for a grocery run. Why can’t grocery shopping be fun?

I’ll be relaxing for the remainder of my night, as I have a very busy week to prepare for.

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

I eat speedwork for breakfast and Chipotle for dinner!

Good morning and happy Friday!

How is it already Friday?! Oh, who cares…it’s FRIDAY!!


Yesterday was a SUPER day! I had a great, productive day at work. For lunch, I had a very filling brown rice/veggie mix and two hard boiled eggs.


After work, it was time for Speedwork! And I was pumped! After crashing and burning on Tuesday, and then skipping Wednesday (if you hadn’t noticed), I was ready!


On the schedule was 200s and 300s. We did 300m out; 300m back; 200m out; 200m back, and I was assigned to do that “set” three times. With my girls in tow, we showed that speedwork who was boss! It felt great, and I felt strong throughout the entire workout.

My splits were as follows:

  • 300m: 1:28
  • 300m: 1:24
  • 200m: 0:52
  • 200m: 0:49
  • 300m: 1:34
  • 300m: 1:22
  • 200m: 0:56
  • 200m: 0:54
  • 300m: 1:37
  • 300m: 1:31
  • 200m: 0:58
  • 200m: 0:53

I worked hard for that, and I am proud of it! I still need to focus more on consistency, but I feel like I’m seeing little bits of improvement here and there.

After we finished, we grabbed our free smoothies and chatted for a bit. I really am growing quite fond of these girls! 🙂


I stopped by Chipotle on the way home to grab a veggie salad. Chipotle just never gets old…


And, I apologize to the people standing directly in front of or behind me in line because I know I did not smell pleasant. Sorry! 😉

I then spent some time watching The Mindy Project and foam rolling.

Questions of the day

How do you pump yourself up for a hard workout?

—Metallica certainly helps, but I try to just tell myself over and over that I got this. 

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

—Long-run plans with some running buddies from the training group. 

Weekend ReCUP!

Happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend has been great! I’m changing things up, and would like to welcome you to my Weekend RECUP! Don’t you just love that name?! 😉 I have my blogger friend Angie to thank for that!

Weekend ReCUP

So, let’s get to the ReCUP…


After a great day at work, it was time for Fit2Run’s Fashion Night. A super fun fundraiser/fashion show benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

With 20 bucks worth of raffle tickets in hand, I was ready to partay!


The fashion show was killer! Four categories of “wear”, and they definitely picked some great models!

One last strut around the track…

Mom and I had so much fun at Fashion Night, AND we both walked away winners! Mom won some CEP compression sleeves, and I won a Mizuno backpack and hat, and a Saucony outfit. I also got a Newton swag bag for being one of the first 50 to RSVP. I never win anything so this was all crazy exciting! 🙂

On the way home we picked up some carbs to prep for my long run the next morning. Pizza/pasta/salad from East Coast, and it totally hit the spot.


I was up by 5:00 AM. I started my run around 6:30, and watched the sun come up. I ran 13 beautiful miles; I ran it slow (even for me), and really just fell into a meditative state with it. It was a great run!

Lookin’ cute post-run… 😉

For our late lunch, I still wanted all the food. We went to Wow That’s Fresh! and I had a burger and fries and probably the world’s best side salad. This side salad had so much color and flavor!

The remainder of our Saturday was spent being lazy in front of the TV.


The Boy was nice enough to make us a yummy french toast breakfast.

Mom and I went into Tampa to Trader Joe’s, and then stopped for BOGO smoothies at Xtreme Juice. We obviously were not the only ones with the same idea…

Berry Blast, Pineapple Passion, and Raging Red Bull (x2) for the win!

After a pretty kick-butt strength training session, we stopped by Chipotle and had a living room picnic.

Have a great night!

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?