Weekend ReCUP

Happy Sunday!

All I wanted this weekend was a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend. And, I feel like I got one!

Let’s get to the ReCUP…


Friday night

I needed to log some miles (5 to be exact), and didn’t want to do it late since my Saturday longrun was going to be early the next morning. So, as soon as I got home from work, the Boy and I headed over to the gym.

I’m sure you are all aware that I do not care for treadmill running UNLESS I am reading a great running-related book. And, the treadmill has to have a “shelf” at eye level for me to rest my Kindle. Well…

We get to the gym, I get everything situated, and go to turn on my Kindle when the dead battery indicator pops up. OMG! I wish I had a picture of the Boy’s face at that moment because he look terrified. 😉

I spent the next few minutes trying to find something to watch on the treadmill TV. Finally, I did. It’s still not the same for me, but I was able to get some miles in.

After I started running, it just didn’t feel right. I felt like my body was putting in more work and effort than it should have been for the (slow) pace I was running. I had to keep decreasing the speed to find comfort. I just wasn’t feeling it, at 3.7 miles I’d had enough.

We were starving by time we left the gym, and quickly headed home to make some tasty black bean burgers for dinner.

Photo Jan 22, 8 19 22 PM

I ended the night on a high note with some foam rolling and The Office!

Photo Jan 22, 9 05 49 PM


Hello crappy weather! It was rainy, windy, and just plain cold. Had it not been for Mandy, I would have stayed in my bed and pushed it off another day.

The group run was out at Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail at the Ben T Davis Beach entrance. This was my first time running out there; it’s not a terribly favored spot among runners because the only bathroom is at the start and there are ZERO water stops along the trail. The view was amazing though!

Photo Jan 23, 7 35 00 AM

But, as soon as we started, we were asking ourselves “why?!”. The wind was horrible, and when the on again/off again rain was off, you could still feel the ocean water being sprayed on you. Oh, and the temp was in the mid-40’s (not including the wind chill).

At about 3 miles in you come to a pretty steep bridge, which normally I would find fun. But, today not so much! I was worried Mandy was going to blow away, so I grabbed her hand and didn’t let go. 🙂

At the end of the bridge, we decided to turn around and head back. We were just over 3.5 miles at that time (12 scheduled). 3.5 UGLY, SLOW miles. It was much nicer run on the way back, but that’s not saying much. With the wind at our backs, we could feel it propelling us forward. And, not in a good way. My IT Bands were having none of this!

It was at this time, that I attempted to take off my poncho (because of the rain). Thanks wind!

Photo Jan 23, 8 10 31 AM

After our valiant effort of a long run, we were ready for some post-run grub. IHOP was the most convenient option. I had all the coffee, and an all-you-can-eat pancake combo. Not meat-free, but super yummy!

Photo Jan 23, 9 30 33 AM

Later in the day, I went with my parents to Spring Hill to spend time with some family (some that live in FL, and some visiting from IL and CA). We met at Gator’s Dockside for a late lunch, and it was here that I finally realized how hard vegetarians have it when going out to eat.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a vegetarian. I am, however, working towards a meat-free lifestyle, in hopes of one day making the jump to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Everything on the menu had meat, asides from like a side caesar salad. I opted for the buffalo chicken wrap.

Photo Jan 23, 4 22 17 PM

Yes, I enjoyed the wrap, but it kind of upset me how few meat-free options there are. I LOVE going out to eat, but may have to rethink that the more I pursue meat-free options.

We left Spring Hill just in time to catch the Gasparilla parade fireworks from the interstate. That wasn’t planned, just coincidence.

The Boy and I had a relaxing evening in doing absolutely nothing. I just love that!


I set no alarm clock, and slept in until 10:30. Once up, I made a big batch of quinoa with mixed berries to enjoy for breakfast today and the rest of the week. The recipe can be found here.

Photo Jan 24, 12 21 47 PM

And then I got ready to log some miles. I really wanted to hit a specific goal by the end of this week, and today was my last chance to do it.

I headed over to Bayshore for a nice 10-mile run. It did not start out well; I went out way too fast, and then was quickly paying for it. My left leg tightened up and I was worried I was going to have to give up. I was able to push through (thanks to a running buddy’s encouraging words), and knew if I could just make it to mile 4, I could do all 10. For some reason, my sweet spot is mile 4. That’s just when it starts to feel good!

I slowed my pace, put on a podcast (Thank you Running Lifestyle Podcast!!!), and just soaked in the beautiful scenery.

Photo Jan 24, 1 53 37 PM

Eventually the miles started to fly by, and before I knew it…

Photo Jan 24, 4 01 01 PM

I was done!

And, even more exciting, I reached my goal!

Photo Jan 24, 4 22 41 PM

100 miles done in January with a week still to go.

My Sunday night clearly calls for some recovery. Foam rolling, icing my knees, and elevating my legs. If you need me, I’ll be on the couch! 😉

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

***Congrats to Heather @ SLO Lucky Runs for winning the signed Bill Rodgers book giveaway.***

Podcast shoutout, solo run, runner safety, and some favorites

Happy Sunday!

The weekend is already almost over, and it feels like it just got here. No worries though! Mom seems to be slowly getting back to herself which is all that I ask for. Still a long road ahead of us for a full recovery, but she was out of bed more today than she was in it. 🙂

Once the sun started to set last night, I headed out for a run and some much needed ME time. It was so great! I wasn’t setting out to hit a certain number, but knew I wanted more than 3 miles. I was definitely in the zone, and kept telling myself, “we’ll turn around at that light”, “no maybe that next light”, and ended up with 6.31 miles. I was listening to my favorite podcast (The Running Lifestyle show), and just about died at 1:13:30 into episode #73, check it out here– you won’t be sorry. 😉

We spent our Sunday over at my parents house; I didn’t set an alarm this morning as I wanted just one day to sleep in. On our way over we stopped by Wawa to get my favorite 79 cent coffee and some breakfast, and by breakfast I mean food because we each got a wrap that most would consider lunch. I opted for a sriracha chicken wrap.

Not a great pic, but it was good!
Not a great pic, but it was good!

I worked on a project for a bit while tending to mom, and then the Boy and I went to the grocery store to get supplies for the upcoming week for us as well as my parents.

For dinner, I made brats on the George Foreman grill, mac and cheese (for mom) and cookies for dessert. And yes, once again the kitchen is not my friend and I forgot to snap a pic.

I got some bad news this evening when I found out the Garth Brooks concert I have a ticket for has been cancelled. Since the Lightning made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, scheduling conflicts have prompted all three concerts this week to be cancelled. I’m a little bummed, but to be perfectly honest I had thought about giving up my ticket to stay home with mom.

Earlier this week my mom was telling me about something she heard on the local news, where a young woman was attacked while out for a run. You can check out the full story here. It happened at a very popular running spot in lakeland- a spot that I have been wanting to try out myself- a spot that is regarded as a nice area. It just goes to show how alert runners (especially female runners) need to be. The girl in this particular instance is very lucky because she was smarter than her attacker and was able to outwit him, but that’s not always the case. Here are some tips I use to stay safe:

  1. Make sure someone knows when you go out for a run and WHERE you are running
  2. If you are running solo, text someone when you are heading out and let them know you will text them when you finish (supply them with an ETA as well)
  3. Run with your phone
  4. Do not leave your keys in your car (carry them on you)
  5. Run during the day in well populated areas
  6. Wear brightly-colored clothing
  7. Check your surroundings and do it frequently
  8. If you must run at night, have your boyfriend accompany you. He doesn’t have to run- he can just be out there walking. 😉
I give two thumbs up to safety!
I give two thumbs up to safety!

Question for the day

What tips do you use to stay safe?

Boston Marathon Day and a busy start to the week

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was marathon day…Boston Marathon day, that is. It was the 119th anniversary of the event.

I really should have planned my vacation better because I so wanted to be home watching nothing but the live coverage; instead, I had to sneak it in every so often at work…not very easy to do on your first day back from being off for a week and especially not easy when you are training a new hire… 😉

Watching the live coverage, seeing the runners cross the finish line, and just looking at pictures from the race, it’s just so inspiring. One day…

My Monday was all-around pretty good. I always hate how much I drag butt after coming back from vacation, but it wasn’t too bad this time. It was a hectic day though, so the time certainly flew by.

I wanted to get into the office early and didn’t wake up with enough time to allow me to make a smoothie, so I had an avocado for breakfast. Yum! For lunch, I whipped up one of my tasty and delicious salads; today’s included: romaine lettuce, baby spinach, feta cheese, an orange, an apple, cherry tomatoes, croutons, fried onions, and mango salsa.

Tasty lunch
Tasty lunch

I keep forgetting about the shrimp I bought for my salads- maybe I should put a reminder on my calendar…

After work, I headed over to the gym and met up with a couple coworkers that were already there. We did a little cardio and then worked our arms.

When I got home, I was bouncing off the walls. I may have had a bit too much coffee today. I was just hoping I’d make it to gym #2 for my run before I crashed from all the sugar… I didn’t. 😦

Neither one of us felt like cooking, so we ordered pizza and a yummy greek salad from Hungry Howie’s.

Greek Salad from Hungry Howie's
Greek Salad from Hungry Howie’s

And, some randomness to end things on…

I have been LOVING the Running Lifestyle podcast! I listened to it first on the cruise, and quickly fell in love. It’s so natural and relatable.

I was reading the April issue of Runner’s World and flipped the page to the Rave Run feature, and was stunned by the beautiful image…. I just about fell off my seat when I realized it’s right in my backyard. How have I not heard about Weedon Island before?!

Questions of the day

Did you watch Boston’s live coverage?

How was your start to the week?