Holiday Gift Guide: Runner Edition

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I have a special holiday-themed post for you today…

Gift Guide: What to get the special runner in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide

Running shoes– new running shoes would be a welcome gift for any runner, but beware, runners are very particular about their running shoes. What works for one runner, may not work for another. I’m a Brooks girl- specifically these or these. If you are unsure what your runner prefers, take a peek in their closet.

Running clothes– A runner can never have too much running clothes. If you’re unsure of sizing, a giftcard to their favorite specialty run shop (like Fit2Run!) would be perfect. I’m not picky about my tank tops and will often buy whatever is cheapest, but I do enjoy these. For shorts, the biggest thing to consider is: brief or no-brief. I love my shorts with a built-in brief, and really prefer these, these, or these.

Socks– Want to put a smile on your runners face, get them nice running socks. My faves are Feetures and Smartwool, but the few times I have forgotten to bring socks and had to make an emergency Target run, I have turned to these, and actually really love them.

GPS running watch– ALWAYS a nice gift! You can’t go wrong with a Garmin.

Gym bag– A nice gym bag to lug all of a runners’ gear from point A to point B would make a very nice gift. I switch between this and this to get me from work to run.

Running belt/something to carry keys/phone/fuel– For shorter runs I use my Nathan running belt, and for longer runs I love my Nathan hydration pack.

Road ID– Peace of mind is always a great gift. Last year, I got everyone in my family a Road ID bracelet. Each bracelet comes engraved with name, in-case-of-emergency contact, and medical history.

Recovery toolsCEP compression sleeves or a new foam roller will earn you major brownie points.

Headphones– I love my Beats by Dre, but didn’t love the pricetag. Runners go through headphones a lot; I think a couple cheap pairs of brightly colored buds/clips would make a great stocking stuffer.

Magazine subscriptions– I’m kind of old-school and love print magazines. They are convenient to throw in a gym bag. Runner’s World and Women’s Running are my faves. Most local running shops carry Competitor, which is a free running mag; you could pick up a copy to include in your runners’ stocking. Save them a trip to the store! 😉

Gift subscriptions– A gift subscription to Audible or Oyster Books would make a great gift for the runner who likes to read.

Race entry– Know of an upcoming race your runner would like to participate in? Gift their entry!

Ipod– Upgrade their music-listening with a new Nano or Shuffle.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Fuel– your runners favorite fuel would bring cheer to any stocking. I’m a fan of GU packets. You can pick up singles at a local speciality run shop or at Sports Authority.

Nuun– Staying hydrated can get boring; Nuun doesn’t.

Clip light/flashlight– Safety out on the road is nothing to be taken lightly; a nice clip light to see and be seen makes all the difference. I love my Nathan Orion. But, also some cheap mini flashlights would make a great gift.

Itunes giftcards

Antibacterial wipes– I’m a runner. I get sweaty. Wipies are where it’s at!

Body spray

Hair ties– they are constantly disappearing, so a runner can never have too many.

Question of the day

What’s missing from my list?


Weekend ReCup: the lazy and late edition

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

And…Happy December!!

Happy December

Can you believe it? We made it to the 12th month! I’m sorry, where did 2015 go?

After Thanksgiving I got sooo lazy this weekend. I also found my post-marathon blues, but more on that later.

We have a ReCUP to get to…


Thanksgiving Thursday/Friday

My parents were out of town all last week. They flew in to Oklahoma the day of Route 66 and made it to Tulsa just in time to see me finish, and had plans to spend the week with my sister (stationed in OK City) and grandpa (who lives just outside OK City).

What all this meant, was that the Boy and I would have to fend for ourselves if we wanted Thanksgiving dinner. GASP!!

I’m sure you guys are well aware by all of the recipes I post here, that I have tremendous kitchen skills. I make a mean bowl of cereal, what can I say?! 😉

Needless to say, the idea of having to cook a dinner that usually takes my mom hours to prepare had me a little on edge. But! I love Thanksgiving! I couldn’t go without my favorite holiday. I decided to adult-up and make some deliciousness.

Well…the Boy, being the smartie he is, decided it would make more sense for him to cook, and to just leave the corn-casserole-making/sangria-drinking to me (and Smokey).

Photo Nov 26, 2 08 14 PM

And that is just what we did! We started zero fires, and got into zero arguments. I call that a successful first Thanksgiving.

Photo Nov 26, 3 15 07 PM

The majority of our Black Friday was spent lounging around and spending way too much time surfing the web. We did hit up the gym for day two of my Runner’s World Run Streak, and leg day.


Am I the only one that loves leg day? I would do legs everyday if I could!

I was hoping to get in two miles on the treadmill, but could only manage one. I was so uncomfortable and my legs just felt so heavy and sluggish. It was not a pretty mile.

Photo Nov 27, 3 08 44 PM

After the gym we headed over to Crispers for a late lunch…

Photo Nov 27, 4 26 34 PM

And Movie Stop and Kohl’s for some quick browsing. It was late afternoon by time we got out there, so the crowds had pretty much died down.


My parents were supposed to get in late Friday night, but due to some unfortunate weather/”technical difficulties” they were forced to stay the night in Houston, and catch the first flight of the day back to Tampa.

They made it home though, and that’s all that matters!

The Boy and I hit up the gym for Runner’s World Run Streak day three (attempt) and chest and triceps day. I settled into this pace a little better, and didn’t feel as uncomfortable as the day prior, but still not fully recovered.

Photo Nov 28, 6 58 56 PM

We had a wild and crazy Saturday night with pizza delivery and Pixar’s Inside Out. 

Such a cute movie! But definitely had more of a made-for-adults vibe than I was expecting. It wasn’t “naughty” or anything; I could just see the themes/storyline going over the heads of children.


I had big plans for Sunday. I was going to get my oil changed, and work on some blog-projects, and catch up on some reading, and all this stuff that sounded so good on paper. And then…laziness!

I had zero energy! I’m not being hard on myself though, I was out of town last weekend; I’ll be out of town again this coming weekend. And this is a very stressful time for me at work. If I wanna be lazy, I’m gonna be lazy. 😉

The Boy and I ordered a couple of the new Amazon Fire Tablets.

Photo Nov 30, 9 52 45 PM

They were on sale for 35 bucks and are the perfect size for ebooks and movie-watching on the go. They were delivered on Sunday, so I spent some time getting mine setup and figuring out how to use a non-Apple product.

A little later in the day, we went to the gym for back and biceps. I attempted Runner’s World Run Streak day four, and ended up throwing in walk intervals. I made it a full mile, but then as I was stepping off the treadmill my knee got a little cranky with me.

My knee was not liking the deadlifts I tried immediately after, so I gave up on that and just did some stretching.

In that moment, I realized I have to give up my Runner’s World Run Streak; it’s just not worth it. I want to start training again next week, and need to allow my body enough time to recover from Route 66. It would really suck if I pushed it too hard and injured myself, for what…a silly run streak.

On that note, I have been spending a lot of time with my new foam roller. I think I’m going to nickname this thing “The Beast” because that’s how intense it is.

Photo Nov 28, 8 53 43 PM

I’m also proud to announce I have signed up for my first ever half marathon race! I went about things a little backwards (with two fulls already in the bag), but I’m super excited for Gasparilla 2016.


Questions of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

Any other crazies out there that did a full before doing a half?

Weekend ReCUP!

Happy Sunday!

My weekend was jam-packed and very exhausting, but I had a great time and enjoyed every moment of it. I hope you had a great weekend as well!

Let’s get to the ReCUP…



There were cupcakes at the office! I restrained myself and only had one. 😉

After work, I was off to Kat and Juan’s wedding rehearsal. We rehearsed for the ceremony and then did some light setup for the reception. Afterwards, we headed to Vallarta’s for dinner. I order a vegetarian plate of a burrito and chalupa. Very yummy!

When I finally made it home for the day, I logged on to Facebook where I first learned of the horrific events that unfolded earlier in the day in Paris. My heart aches for all those affected.


I woke up bright and early to go run. And I enjoyed every moment of my 8-miler. My last long run before the big day! It was perfect- the weather was amazing, I felt strong, and content, and am pretty sure I smiled throughout all 8 miles. This really gave me an extra confidence boost for Route 66.

The training group was out on Bayshore for our long runs; I ran solo but was joined by Coach Kirsten for the last 2-3 miles. It was so nice getting to chat with her!

I love crushing my daily activity goal before I even eat breakfast!

After my run, I had to rush home to get ready. For those of you that do not know, my daddy is using up his GI Bill and has been working on his business degree for the last year, and…was recently extended an invite to join a National Honor Society fraternity. He was inducted this week, along with about 10 others from his school. There was a nice ceremony, and they even had a cake! 🙂

Since I was rushing after my run, I didn’t get a chance to eat much, so lunch couldn’t come soon enough. We went to Red Robin where I ordered a whiskey river BBQ burger. Typically I don’t mind Red Robin, but the quality was definitely lacking with this. The burger was okay and the fries felt way under-cooked.

And then it was wedding time…

Kat and Juan had a beautiful ceremony under the setting sun. They even asked me to recite a reading from Everything is Illuminated.

And then we danced! The reception was so much fun and the food was great! Earlier in the day I had a shoe emergency and had to rush out to find a pair of red shoes. I was having the toughest time until I went to Payless. They had these for $25, and…for having absolutely no time to break them in, they held up very well. They were very comfy- even with all my bad dancing. (Oh, and since we were outside for the most part, I picked up some Solemates to minimize the sinking into the grass. They also worked quite well!)


I was hoping for more time to relax today, but I had a pretty productive today, so no complaints here.

I worked on my mile dedications list. Almost done! 🙂

Then the Boy and I ran a few errands before heading to the gym. I got a jump start on packing, since I won’t have much time during the week to do so.

I also decided on my Route 66 Bloggers Forum outfit. Here are a couple of the contenders that didn’t make the cut…

Check out this race-day weather! Has anyone seen my mittens? 😉

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?