“I Resolve 2” Fun Run and I’m in!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

We had our Resolution Fun Run last night. It was a ton of fun with all the NYE props and “I Resolve 2” running bibs.

We each took a moment to write down a running goal we have for 2016. I went with my 2,016 in 2016 goal.


And then we left the nice air conditioned store and ventured out into the heat for our weekly fun run 5k. It was another hot and humid night, but I hear cooler temps are on the way. Fingers crossed!

Coach Kirsten has been out of town, but made it back just in time to share with us her goal for 2016. To qualify for the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. How awesome is that goal?!

In fact, everyone had some pretty great goals for 2016!



After our run, my parents and Miss Boo who once again made it out for the Fun Run (LOVE that they are getting into it) and I grabbed some grub in the food court. Even Don joined it!

Rise Pies. Again. And…since we are getting ready to start a biggest loser contest at work on Monday, I allowed myself a pizza… and side salad.

And, the last bit of exciting news to share…

I am so stoked for this. It’s going to be hard work, but Miss Boo and I are ready!


Question of the day

What’s on your NYE agenda?


New Year. New You.

It’s 2015! Happy New Year!

New year; new you? Sure, we’ll go with that. 2014 ended rather quickly; Christmas came and went and before I knew it, I was fighting to stay awake to see the ball drop. I’m not setting any Resolutions for this year- just hopes! I feel myself hoping to be better, do better, and live in the moment. I’m hoping to live a healthier, more organized life.

My name is Amanda, and welcome to my blog- Cupcakes & Miles. I feel as though 2015 has something special in store for me, and that is what brought me here. I want to document life’s little treasures and share my adventures.

2015 will be the year of greatness! In just 9 short days, I will feel great for achieving a goal I have had since the fall of 2013- run in (and finish) my first full marathon. Walt Disney World Marathon 2015…here’s looking at you.

So, join me on this journey…there’s bound to be Cupcakes & Miles.