A little Motivation Monday for when you are lacking motivation

We are going to go ahead and call this a “special” Motivation Monday post.

I’m not so much lacking motivation (as the title would lead you to believe), as I am just feeling a bit down and out.

I haven’t shared on here, but I have been dealing with some pain in my leg for about the last month or so. It’s not a “pain” that hurts- it’s more of a dull throb or soreness. I’ve been running through it because it doesn’t really hurt. Nonetheless, it is not getting better.

I had an x-ray done. It showed nothing. But still, not getting better.

On Friday I went to the Ortho. I wasn’t expecting much- maybe a stretch or two to do. So… you can understand why my head started to spin when he said I need to stop running because I’m one step away from a stress fracture, and if I continue to run and it gets worse, I am looking at a boot for three months.

How can this be? I run so much slower than I know I am capable of. I take care of myself. I pay attention to my form. What is happening?

There hasn’t been a definite diagnosis. I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday and a followup with the doctor on Friday. I’m hoping for the best!

With all that being said, I have been feeling a bit down and out since Friday. And, I know there are so many more people out there with far greater concerns. I’m trying to be mindful of that, and to stay positive. But, to be honest I’m struggling with it.

So, on this Motivation Monday, I share with you a little something direct from my mom…

Head up

And, mark my words… I WILL be running RNR Vegas…

If you’d like to contribute to my fundraising efforts for St. Jude, you can do so by clicking here. Together we can make a difference!

Whoa! That was an awesome workout!

Happy Wednesday!

We had a great descending ladder workout last night! It was tough, but so much fun, I just have to share it with you.

We started with drills (high knees, butt kicks, etc.) and did a round of body squats or push-ups after each. By time we finished drills, my arms were on fire. Love that burn!

Then, it was ladder time. The plan called for 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m, and 100m. 

My splits were as follows:

  • 5:38
  • 4:35
  • 3:01
  • 1:57
  • 0:51
  • 0:19

After a workout like that, you can’t help but feel like you accomplished something.

What was your workout yesterday?

Happy running!

I’m back at it and it feels good!

Good morning and happy Friday!

Ah! It’s Friday! I get to sleep in tomorrow. Please don’t anyone call or text me until 2:00 PM! Just kidding…

I started up my next round of training last night and could not be more excited!

When I saw my training plan come through my email, I kid you not, I was more excited than a kid on Christmas! Can you say run nerd?!

I have been experiencing an interesting case of the post-marathon blues. Up until last night, something was missing. And as soon as I got out there with my training group buddies, it just clicked.

Thursdays are speedwork, so I made sure to eat a nice BIG salad for lunch. Oh, it was good!

After work, I made my way over to Fit2Run. Traffic was a beast, but I made it. And I was pumped.

We had 800s and 400s on the agenda. 800 out, 400 all-out-sprint back in, then a 400 walk/slow jog recovery x3.

Having done absolutely zero speedwork since Route 66, and having not run in over a week (yeah, that can’t happen again), this was tough.

By time we finished I was so delirious! But, I finished. And, I felt good! My splits were:

  • 800: 4:47
  • 400: 1:59
  • 800: 4:25
  • 400: 2:04
  • 800: 4:47
  • 400: 2:06

I even see some consistency in there! I couldn’t have been happier to finally be back…even if it looks like I was dying.

With this next round of training, I want to change things up a bit. I’m going to make strength training and cross training more of a priority. And I am also going to incorporate a weekly training snapshot into my Weekend ReCUP posts, and create a training section here on the site where you can follow along.

I’m so ready for this!

I saw this on Facebook, and all I could think was “nope”! 🙂


Question of the day

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

—I’m pretty stoked about my long run (doing it on Sunday this weekend). 8 miles with some of my running buddies I have never run long with.