Tempo Tuesday, Taco Tuesday, and the Taper begins

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I have been having a great week! I hope you have too!

Is it weird that the Boy and I totally want to redecorate our living room with a couple of these guys for seating..? 😉

This guy was 190 bucks at Costco! And taller AND heavier than me!

Speaking of crazy things… last I checked, we were in November. C’mon Florida, get it together!


For lunch, I hit up a new-to-me spot, Wayback Burger. I had brought my lunch from home, but by time it rolled around I really just wanted a burger. I felt it was the perfect time to finally try out Wayback.


I went with a “classic” double patty. It was tasty and definitely hit the spot, but it wasn’t terribly special. It was just kind of average.

Don’t worry Fuddruckers, you are safe at number one!

After work, I headed over to Tampa for Tempo Tuesday at Fit2Run. By time I got there, it was dark. It just makes me sleepy!

This was our first training run since Daylight Saving’s, and we were completely in the dark. I was visible to vehicles around because I had a clip-on light, a reflective bracelet, reflective shoes, and a reflective vest, but I still couldn’t see the ground in front of me in many spots. I don’t like that feeling! It may be time to invest in a headlamp.

I had 35 minutes on the schedule. Hello Taper! The initial warm-up didn’t feel so great because my knee had been a bit fussy throughout he day, but the 35-minute tempo session ended up feeling pretty good. And, my pace was a bit faster than normal. Yay!

For dinner, the Boy and I whipped up a little Taco Tuesday feast. Scrambled cheesy eggs, potatoes, and Trader Joe’s soy chorizo in a tortilla with a little green chile sauce. Yum!


I have to give a big shoutout to my running buddy Lisa (the one in black). She leaves this morning for Athens, and will be running her first-ever marathon on Sunday. The ATHENS MARATHON! I know she is going to do great, and I am already so proud of all she has accomplished. Remember what I told you, Lisa. You got this!


Also, a big congrats to Coach Kyle (the one on the far-right above), he just competed in his first-ever half marathon this past weekend, and ran a 1:21. Umm..yeah, you read that right!

Question of the day

Do you have a running coach(es)?

I’ve got something that will cheer you right up!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a great start to the week! But, if you didn’t, this little guy here will cheer you right up…

I had a great start to my week! It was actually a very quiet Monday, which gave me some time in the afternoon to knock out a few errands for work that I had been putting off. But, not before a tasty and filling lunch of brown rice, quinoa, and mixed veggies. Yum!


After work, the Boy and I ran over to Costco. I was in desperate need of more Honeycrisp apples. And, even though I still had one on the counter at home, I was starting to go through withdrawals. I was too low! 😉

We grabbed a bite to eat while at Costco, and then made a few more stops on the way home. I needed to run by Publix, and the Boy was wanting to go by Walmart Neighborhood Market and Marshall’s.

So, needless to say, we kept up the “exhausting” theme from the weekend. 😉

Mondays are off-days from running. Although I’m pretty sure I’m going to make it a running day with my next training cycle; for some reason it just feels weird to not run on a Monday. 

Once home, I foam rolled and packed up for work/training. 

I was pooped and called it a night much earlier than usual.

Question of the day

What days do you take off from running (or working out)?

What?! No chocolate?!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a great start to the week!

I had a rather productive day at work, and then knocked out a few errands afterwards.

I was bad and went out for lunch. It was a Moe’s kind of day. My Art Vandalay veggie burrito was super tasty…

Super tasty, until about 2 minutes after finishing it, when I was sure my belly was going to explode. Oh, it made me feel so bloated. Yeah, I know, TMI.

I then walked over to the gas station to get me a Polar Pop. It boggles my mind how happy this $0.64 giant cup of ice makes me oh so so happy. But, you know what, it makes me happy and I don’t care.

After work, the Boy and I ran over to Costco for a few things. We grabbed dinner while we were there. I always get us a swirl frozen yogurt to share! But, this time they were out of chocolate. I’m sorry, what?! Who wants just vanilla?! I sucked it up and ate the vanilla, but it wasn’t the same.

We then ran by Nordstrom Rack and DSW as I am looking for some new work shoes. I didn’t find what I wanted, but that’s okay.

Once home, I started putting together goodie bags for Kat’s bachelorette party this weekend…

And then there was foam rolling. 🙂

Question of the day

Vanilla or chocolate?