Mid-week catch-up in pictures!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I thought we’d have some fun today, and do a little catch-up with some pics!

Candy corn + peanuts + raisins + almonds + dates trail mix! All I was missing were the chocolate chips. 😉


Quinoa/rice and veggie lunch…


Lunch overlooking the water.


BOGO at WOW! That’s Fresh! Say what?!


A little Starbucks treat for breakfast.

Halloween Fun Run 5k at Fit2Run. It was a ton of fun getting all dressed up to go running!

ON Running came out and let us demo a bunch of their shoes.

I thought the shoes were very comfy, but I don’t see myself being able to run in them for long-distance.

Everyone looked so great in their costumes!

Coach “Captain America” Kirsten giving us the lowdown before we head off.

Pre-run pic! Can you spot the shark?

Go, Lisa, go! She is running Athens in T-minus 10 days and counting! Woooohoooo!

Post-run group pic!

Chipotle Veggie salad for the win! It had been far too long since my last one.

Question of the day

Most random pic on your phone right now?

—I have a weird pic of two blank envelopes on my phone. It was taken for a compare/contrast type of thing.

Weekend ReCUP!

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve been having a great weekend! I had a great weekend, but it just flew by.

Let’s get to the ReCUP…

Weekend ReCUP

Friday night

A few of my coworkers and I ran in the Go for the Glow 5k benefiting the Polk County Builders Association Foundation.


It was in Lakeland around the beautiful (and surprisingly hilly) Lake Hollingsworth.


Going into the race, I had two goals in mind, but figured I’d have to pick one of two strategies to achieve one of the two. I either wanted to not walk at all, OR to come in at 30 minutes.

I didn’t think achieving both goals simultaneous was possible.

When I started, I felt good and strong. I noticed my pace was much faster than I normally run; I tried to pull back to not burn out, but I still kept up a pretty good pace.

Right around the 2 mile mark, I wanted to walk. I slowed my pace slightly to let the feeling pass. Before I knew it, I was rounding the corner, and the finish line was almost in sight.

I opened it up and gave it my all.

I finished in 30:44 and didn’t walk at all.

Fast as lightning
Fast as lightning

Getting first place in my age group was just the cherry on top!


We went to Texas Roadhouse for some post-race grub. And it was delicious!



The Boy and I went into Tampa to do some shopping. Fit2Run was having an additional 50% off sale items. I picked up a pair of North Face shorts and a Lorna Jane sports bra.

We decided to grab lunch at the food court. I opted for a salad at Chipotle.


I also got my hair trimmed. I just needed a trim, so we stopped by Great Clips. They were even having a $10 haircut sale!

For dinner, the Boy and I went to the Cheesecake Factory. There was definitely some cheesecake ordered…


We spent the remainder of our night watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was pretty good and the action kept my attention.


I was supposed to be up and ready to run by 6:00. I wasn’t feeling terribly well when I went to bed, and when my alarm went off at 4:30 I still wasn’t. I feel bad for bailing, but chose to stay in bed. I planned to just run later, but it just wasn’t my day, so we’ll just call it at I suck.

I spent much of the day prepping for the work event I have tomorrow. And tracking my friends/family at the Chicago Marathon.

Congratulations to all that raced hard this weekend! And a big congrats to Mandy, Emily, and Kristy for rocking the Windy City!

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

I eat speedwork for breakfast and Chipotle for dinner!

Good morning and happy Friday!

How is it already Friday?! Oh, who cares…it’s FRIDAY!!


Yesterday was a SUPER day! I had a great, productive day at work. For lunch, I had a very filling brown rice/veggie mix and two hard boiled eggs.


After work, it was time for Speedwork! And I was pumped! After crashing and burning on Tuesday, and then skipping Wednesday (if you hadn’t noticed), I was ready!


On the schedule was 200s and 300s. We did 300m out; 300m back; 200m out; 200m back, and I was assigned to do that “set” three times. With my girls in tow, we showed that speedwork who was boss! It felt great, and I felt strong throughout the entire workout.

My splits were as follows:

  • 300m: 1:28
  • 300m: 1:24
  • 200m: 0:52
  • 200m: 0:49
  • 300m: 1:34
  • 300m: 1:22
  • 200m: 0:56
  • 200m: 0:54
  • 300m: 1:37
  • 300m: 1:31
  • 200m: 0:58
  • 200m: 0:53

I worked hard for that, and I am proud of it! I still need to focus more on consistency, but I feel like I’m seeing little bits of improvement here and there.

After we finished, we grabbed our free smoothies and chatted for a bit. I really am growing quite fond of these girls! 🙂


I stopped by Chipotle on the way home to grab a veggie salad. Chipotle just never gets old…


And, I apologize to the people standing directly in front of or behind me in line because I know I did not smell pleasant. Sorry! 😉

I then spent some time watching The Mindy Project and foam rolling.

Questions of the day

How do you pump yourself up for a hard workout?

—Metallica certainly helps, but I try to just tell myself over and over that I got this. 

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

—Long-run plans with some running buddies from the training group.