Mid-week day off in pictures!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Whether you worked or not yesterday, I hope you had a great Wednesday!

The Boy and I were both off from work, and had a nice afternoon gym date. Chest and triceps!

Followed by “happy hour” at Wow! That’s Fresh. $5 pizza/drink combo ($6 is you want a fancy pizza).

I was able to get some VIPs out to the Fit2Run Fun Run: mom, dad, the Boy, and Mr. Chris (who appears to be the only photogenic one of the bunch). 😉

Nike came out for a demo too! I opted out this time though.

And, an informative ankle/foot injury prevention “workshop”

Had a nice size group out for the run!

Followed by some food court grub. Yeah, this salad is 5 bucks and all the unlimited veggies I could want. Score!

And some Nuun to keep me hydrated! Tri-berry for the win! Although, I’ll probably grab some of the watermelon that I just noticed at the store the other day.

Question of the day

What flavor Nuun/Gatorade/juice do you like best?

Christmas in July, running fun, and a day in pictures

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Yesterday was a GREAT day…mostly because I finally got my Mobot in the mail! Yay!!!

But first, it’s picture time…

My favorite “lunch out” has to be Firehouse these days. The chips…not so much.

It’s here! It’s finally here! Foam rolling and hydration in one! Oh yeah! Check it out here.

Testing out the waters… (Hah!)

I’m just a tad excited about my new toy…

Had a great (post-rain HOT and HUMID) run with the Fit2Run Fun Run club…

I’ll take all the improvement I can get…

An expensive-not-great-tasting post-run recovery smoothie…

I love my free running magazines!

Question of the day

What would your day in pictures contain?

Day in Pictures and DONUT DAY

Good morning and happy Friday!

Finally Friday is upon us! Whoo!

Today is National Donut Day! Next to National Running Day this may be the best day of all. Hah! Who am I kidding?! This is the best day of all!

Yesterday was a great day, but boy did it drag.

Here’s my Thursday in pics…

Salad Pool salad for lunch, including: romaine, spinach, cucumber, apples, cherry tomatoes, green and purple onions, pepperchinis, feta cheese, Salad Toppins, chia seeds, and rotisserie chicken. Yum!

For dinner, I picked up Chipotle for mom and I. I always hate the drive home after getting takeout. The yummy smells usually make me extra hangry. Luckily the smell of this wasn’t too strong. 😉

Chipotle veggie salad- no dressing. I tried brown rice for the first time, and it wasn’t too bad. 

I did some light stretching and core work..


Before attempting to take Smoke out for a run.

This is his “I’m done with this” look!

Questions of the day

How will you be celebrating Donut Day?

What was your Thursday workout?