Workout Wednesday 

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of Workout Wednesday!

Workout WednesdayWeekend Workout Recap

The Boy and I flew to Pennsylvania for a long weekend, so I thoroughly enjoyed my 15 mile long run getting to explore new-to-me terrain.  

It rained all day Sunday, so I didn’t get to run.


It was our last day in PA; our flight wasn’t until late afternoon, so I was able to log some miles. I decided to swap out my scheduled 5 miles for the 7 miles I missed on Sunday. 

The weather was perfect, and I loved every minute of the run! 


Talk about a killer Tempo Tuesday… And not in a good way. After it rained throughout most of the day, the sun came out late afternoon and brought with it a lot of humidity. 

It was very sticky! So sticky, in fact, the swarms of gnats that lined our tempo route stuck to us like glue. It was gross! But, we finished a tough workout- 1 mile warmup, drills, push-ups and squats, 20 minute tempo, and post-run stretching. 

There was no time for a cooldown run, as we had some pretty important stuff to get to. Patrick is moving back to Minnesota and last night marked his official last day running with the F2R group. He’ll still participate in the training group, just not from Florida. We’ll sure miss having him around, but we know we’ll definitely see him again. 


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