Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of Workout Wednesday!

Workout Wednesday

Weekend Workout Recap

I thought about “forgetting” this week’s Workout Wednesday post. You see, I failed as a runner this past (long) weekend. But then, I remembered this is my space. It’s raw, and imperfect, and I love it. So here goes…

I didn’t wake up early for either of my long runs Saturday or Sunday. I slept in. Late. I was exhausted, and just needed to sleep. And then, life just got in the way and I didn’t log any miles either day.



I didn’t get up with my alarm. The only miles logged were a couple treadmill miles at the Boy’s gym. I hopped off just after I hit mile two to get in some good stretching as my calf was feeling a bit tight.



Can I just hide my head in shame now? Once again, no miles logged. Yeah, yeah, I know.

But… today is GLOBAL RUNNING DAY!!! That’s like the best day ever for runners! Whoo!



Happy running!

Are you running today?


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