Weekend Happenings

Hey there! Happy Sunday!

I’ve had a very low-key (read “boring”) weekend over here! But, sometimes that is just alright…

I actually worked all day yesterday. I had a project I’ve been wanting to wrap up and it just made more sense to do it with no one else around to distract me.

Afterwards, we went over to mom and dad’s house for dinner and to hang out. Uncle Barry and Kristy have been in the Keys all week (they drove down after Star Wars), and were going to be staying with mom and dad for the night as they had an early flight home this morning.

Speaking of this morning… guess what?! Miss Boo completed her first EVER half marathon this morning!!! The Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon! I could not be more proud of her! She has worked so hard!


My Sunday was nowhere as exciting as Miss Boo’s, but it was rather relaxing. Since I am technically in recovery-mode (even if it may just be in my head) after last weekend’s race, I slept in today and skipped my run.

Earlier this week I received my training plan for the remainder of the year, and well…it’s pretty intense. Oh, and did I mention…?*

Daytona Ultra

That’s right! This girl is training for ULTRA! Come December 10th I will be running my first ultramarathon, the Daytona 100 (I will be doing the 50 mile option). I’m super excited and terrified for this new adventure, but I promise to document my journey and share it here.

And, in other exciting news… I’m a bird!


I am excited to announce I am now a member of Oiselle’s Team Volée. I feel so blessed for this opportunity and to be a part of such an amazing community of strong women.

Happy running!

*I know it’s been on social media for a couple weeks, but I realized I never announced it here. Bad blogger! 😐

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