Training week ten: 2/22 – 2/28

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I just wrapped up week eleven of my training program. This marked the first week of my sole Star Wars Challenge training plan, which will incorporate two weekend long runs. It was a great training week!

Training week ten: 2/22 – 2/28

Monday – No miles logged. Total steps for day: 4,776

Tuesday- 1.35 mile warmup; 3.51 miles. Total steps for day: 11,427

Wednesday- 6.01 miles. Total steps for day: 17,150

Thursday- No miles logged. Total steps for day: 6,564

Friday- 2.5 miles. Total steps for day: 12,813

Saturday- 1.39 mile warmup; 3.09 miles (Race for the Cupcake 5k); 1.01 mile cooldown. Total steps for day: 16,147

Sunday- 11.34 miles; 12:07 pace; 2:17:26 total time . Total steps for day: 28,435

Happy Running!

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