Weekend ReCUP (in pics)

Happy Sunday!

I’m sorry, where did the weekend go? It just flew right on by.

I had a great weekend, but a very quick one.

The Boy and I are sitting here watching Mad Max sweep the Oscars, so what better time then now to share my weekend reCUP in pics. Let’s get to it…


Burrito Friday?! Don’t mind if I do!


40 degrees! That beach run sure is going to be chilly.


A race I couldn’t pass up! I’m sure you understand.


I jump for cupcakes!

Photo Feb 27, 7 31 13 AM

About to toe the start line with my adorable running-sidekick.

Photo Feb 27, 7 58 56 AM

Celebrating an awesome run with a sweet treat.

Photo Feb 27, 8 43 08 AM

Black bean guacamole burger. It’s what’s for dinner!


A sunrise run puts life in perspective. Picture doesn’t even do it justice!

Photo Feb 28, 6 40 34 AM

When your running buddy has double your miles (I had 10 [well actually 11.3 because I can’t count]; Don had 20!), you give them something to run for.

Photo Feb 28, 9 19 51 AM

Oscar watch party makes for some perfect weekend recovery time. It took me about five minutes to realize I forgot my towel buffer. Ouch!

Photo Feb 28, 6 53 00 PM

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

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