Training week nine: 2/8 – 2/14

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

This is going to be a very short (and uneventful) training week recap. I was sick all last week, and went almost nine days with no running. It was not fun, but I’m happy to say, I am feeling much better.

Training week nine: 2/8 – 2/14

Monday – Total steps for day: 4,464

Tuesday- Total steps for day: 0 (While yes, I did lay on my living room floor almost the entire day, I did not put my watch on. I really only ever got up to go to the bathroom, or refill my glass of 7UP.

Wednesday- Total steps for day: 2,507

Thursday- Total steps for day: 1,097

Friday- Total steps for day: 1,052

Saturday- Total steps for day: 4,406

Sunday- Total steps for day: 9,394

Happy Running!

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