Weekend ReCUP!

Happy Sunday!

I had a GREAT weekend, and to top it all off…the Broncos WON!!!

Photo Feb 07, 10 19 47 PM

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, there’s a ReCUP to get to…



I wore red in honor of Heart Disease Awareness.

Photo Feb 05, 5 54 50 PM

After work I got in a nice, easy 5 miles. And then, the Boy and I ran a couple errands and grabbed a bite to eat at CPK. I went with the roasted veggie salad, and boy was it yummy!

Photo Feb 05, 9 05 14 PM

I got to bed as early as I could because, well…

Photo Feb 05, 10 44 41 PM


I “accidentally” volunteered to be at the office at 8:30, which meant my long run was going to have to be squeezed in pretty early.

I had 14 miles on the schedule, so running at 4AM seemed like the only option (I couldn’t push to Sunday).

Photo Feb 06, 4 04 48 AM

A HUGE shoutout to the bestest little running buddy, Mandy, for volunteering to run with me at 4. It would have been a struggle without you there with me.

We had a ton of fun getting in our 14 miles. There was no one else out on Bayshore, and we just chatted and laughed the entire time.

The plus side of getting in a run at a crazy time, is that you are rewarded with some beautiful sunrise scenery.

Photo Feb 06, 7 34 25 AM

After we finished, I quickly made my way over to the office to get that whole thing taken care of. 😉

I had a nice, relaxing afternoon before I had to get ready for daddy/daughter date night.

For my dad’s birthday last month, I got him Monster Jam tickets. We used to go all the time when I was growing up, but hadn’t been in over a decade.

Dad wanted to grab a quick bite to eat on the way, and McDonald’s was really the only convenient option. I wasn’t crazy about that, but figured I could suck it up this once.

I have to give McDonald’s props. They messed up our order; we waited (inside) for close to 15 minutes. It wasn’t busy at all, and come to find out our food was accidentally given to another customer. We didn’t say anything at all, but a couple of the workers just noticed we had been waiting awhile. They were very apologetic, and even refunded my 9 bucks. I wasn’t expecting that. Honestly, the apology (and maybe even a free apple pie) would have been enough. 😉 I know McDonald’s has really been trying to up its’ game, and I think it showed this time.

It was kind of a yucky night. Rainy and pretty cool (for Florida), but I kept joking that, ain’t no rain going to keep us rednecks from our monster trucks. Hehe!

Photo Feb 06, 7 02 38 PM

We had so much fun on our daddy/daughter date night! It made me realize just how much I have missed seeing them live. Maybe we’ll have to make this a yearly tradition…


I got to sleep in, and it was sooo nice!

Aunt Kristy is in town (Orlando) for the week for a work thing. The Boy and I picked up mom, and we made the drive over to meet up with her for lunch. It was just a quick visit, but it was so nice to see her.

We ate at one of the hotel restaurants where she is staying, and it definitely hit the spot.

Photo Feb 07, 1 56 41 PM

Only another 10 weeks until we get to see her again (oh, and Uncle Barry too…)!

On the way home, we stopped at Old Navy to see if they had any good sales going on. They didn’t!

It was almost game time, so we headed over to mom and dad’s for a little Super Bowl soiree. Pizza, chicken wings, and really yucky beer. Yum!


I have been trying to find a grapefruit beer similar to the grapefruit ale I had last year. I recently saw an ad for a Sam Adams grapefruit IPA and figured how bad could it be. Note to self: it’s bad!


You know what’s not bad though?! Super Bowl 50 CHAMPS…Denver Broncos! Woot! Woot!

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?



3 thoughts on “Weekend ReCUP!

  1. I am so impressed by your early Saturday morning long run! Way to go! And thanks for the warning on the beer. Grapefruit beer sounds delicious, but I’ll be sure to avoid this particular one. The high of my weekend was running a pretty speedy 10k on Sunday with one of my running buds. The low of my weekend was my lame salad served to me at Applebee’s. I wrote about it and have pictures of it up on my blog. Is it so difficult to have ample lettuce in a salad?!

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