Crazy in 2016? AND last day to enter GIVEAWAY!

Good morning and happy Friday!

If you haven’t yet entered the SIGNED Bill Rodgers book (Marathon Man) giveaway. You can do so here, but hurry, all entries must be in by tonight.

With all the craziness going on at work, and getting to both my vacation and weekend reCUPs late, I feel like there is so much to catch up on.

Well, I’m definitely on my way to 2,016 in 2016, and I can’t help but question… Am I crazy?!

Probably! But, it’s fun and I like a good challenge.

Even with the holiday and being off from work, my Monday was crazy busy.

We had errands to run, groceries to get, and meals to be prepped. There was no way I was skipping my run though.

I was desperate, so I ran in our neighborhood. I don’t talk about it a lot on here, but I really really really dislike running in our neighborhood. It’s short (read: boring), not the safest (read: minimal foot traffic), and snakes (one and done, my friend). But, I did it. 4.22 miles pretty much done on a 0.50 mile course.

I made sure to track my run using the Charity Miles app. It’s nice knowing my love of running is helping those in need.

After I got cleaned up, it was meal-prep time. Surprisingly not as bad as I was expecting it to be… since I tend to get uber stressed in the kitchen.

There was a very tasty berry-medley quinoa bowl for breakfast,

And, a winter greens salad for lunch. Yum!

I’m crazy proud of our Tempo Tuesday run. The weather was awesome (quite cold for FL), and it made for a very speedy pace.

You could pretty much say BEASTMODE power was activated!

Our Wednesday Fun Run also turned out to be at a faster pace than expected. Not what we set out for seeing as how our training schedule called for easy miles, but it just felt good. Mandy and I ended up doing just over 5 miles at an 11:51 pace (we originally aimed for 12:30).

By time we finished, an acai bowl was all I could think about. Why must these things be so addicting?!

Our Thursday night speedwork session this week called for 400m repeats x8. We had a 2:00 recovery between each. We definitely could have pushed a teeny bit harder with the first few, but I am totally proud of our splits. I kept making up little goals, and Mandy and I just kept crushing them!

Afterwards, I headed home to make the Boy and I Greek Power Bowls for dinner. I’m starting to incorporate healthier lifestyle options and more meat-free meals into my diet, and this recipe had me using tempeh for the first time.

It’s certainly not the most attractive food, but does have a nice nutty almost chicken-like flavor.

And, for dessert, I enjoyed the sweet torture of foam rolling. With my 2,016 in 2016 goal, post-run recovery could not be more important.

Question of the day

What running goals do you have this year?

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