Weekend ReCUP and a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Wednesday!

Why is it so hard to get back to a feeling of normalcy post-vacay?! The struggle is real! 😉

But enough of that, I’ve got a delayed weekend reCUP to get to.



I stopped by Fit2Run to grab an acai bowl and to meet one of the greatest runners of all time. No big deal! Bill “Boston Bill” Rodgers was in town for the Clearwater Distance Classic and was doing a book signing at the store.

I was pretty starstruck and got very nervous as I stood in line. He was super laidback and really nice, and asked me questions about my running and seemed genuinely interested in my response(s).

More on this later.

And, then I thoroughly enjoyed an acai bowl. So yummy!

Photo Jan 15, 1 13 36 PM

For dinner, the Boy and I went to Crazy Cafe (I know. I know. Big shock.), we both ordered new-to-us items. I switched up my usual California roll and opted for the veggie roll. I will definitely be ordering that again!

Photo Jan 15, 7 51 46 PM

I tried to get in some Friday miles on the treadmill at the gym, but it just wasn’t happening. I was already in a funky mood, then accidentally paused my workout for too long and it timed out on me, and my watch just was not tracking the run as well as it has in the past. When my watch (incorrectly) told me I ran my first mile in over 17 minutes I thought I was going to scream. Call me crazy or anal or whatever, but I don’t want incorrect/misleading data on my watch. Is that too much to ask for?!

I called it quits just over 2 miles.

Photo Jan 15, 6 47 20 PM


My alarm went off bright and early. And by that, I don’t mean bright at all.

Photo Jan 15, 11 26 19 PM

It was long run day, and Mandy and I had 11 on the schedule. We set out super early to get in 7-8 miles and then planned to meet up for the Bill Rodgers shakeout run.

Our projected Clearwater Beach route. And yes, I took a picture of my computer screen. Don’t judge!

Photo Jan 15, 11 00 44 PM

Shortly after we started, it became apparent that both of us were feeling super sluggish. It was certainly not a pretty run, but the views were.

Photo Jan 16, 7 01 12 AM

We ended the first part of our long run with just over 6.5 miles, and got ready for the shakeout run.

Photo Jan 16, 7 14 32 AM

Photo Jan 16, 9 12 15 AM

The group set out for a 4-mile shakeout run. It quickly became clear to Mandy and I that our idea of a “shakeout” run greatly differed from Bill’s. The group was so speedy! The distance between us just kept growing.

I would like to just throw out there that we had already run over 6 miles, and in the time it took for meet-and-greet, our legs cooled down and tightened up. That sounds good, right?! 😉

After we finally finished our sluggish 11.22 miles, we were starved. We stopped at Tin Man Cafe and devoured our breakfast.

I went with the greek omelette and home fries.

Photo Jan 16, 9 17 26 AM

The rest of my Saturday was spent running errands and shopping with mom.


I was up and at it early once again.

It was Clearwater Distance Classic day and there was cheerleading to be done!

Fit2Run had runners participating in all distances (5 mile, Half, Full, and 50k). We were having some pretty crappy weather, and the start time had already been delayed one-hour.

As all of the runners lined up to start, Chris (the race director) comes on the loudspeaker to welcome all the runners and then proceeds to say that due to flooding in one of the nearby towns, the Full and 50k races were being cancelled and all Full and 50k runners were going to be placed in the Half.

Obviously this is disappointing news to any runner out there. You train so hard and so long for something to then have it taken away from you. It’s upsetting, and I totally get that. But, as runners, we often don’t think about all of the agony and deliberation that goes into cutting/cancelling races, and really the organization of it as a whole.

I got a chance to speak with Chris a couple times over the weekend, once at Fit2Run (he was with Bill for the book signing) and again at the shakeout run. He was having an obviously hard time trying to decide what to do for Sunday’s activities. There’s a lot of factors that play into a race and changing the schedule at the last minute is no easy feat. Police have to be notified well in advance, word has to be circulated to all runners, volunteers, etc. It definitely made me stop and think.

Going back to the race…

Chris finished what he had to say, and the runners were off.

As soon as all of the runners were out of the start gate, it seemed like it all just opened up. Not rain, but wind. It was insane. We actually went to look for some shelter to shield us from the powerful gusts.

Coach Greg and Coach Kyle were both running the 5-mile and had a goal of 30 minutes, so we couldn’t go far if we wanted to see them coming in. I was worried about the wind and weather playing into their performance and slowing them down. I should have known better!

They both crossed the finish line (one after the other) at 29:49! It was so exciting!

Photo Jan 17, 8 49 50 AM

Coach Kyle kind of scares me when he races. He puts everything he has into his race and as soon as he finishes he collapses to the ground. One thing I love so much about Fit2Run is the unconditional support you get.

Such a raw and inspirational moment. I love that Lisa was able to capture it!

We had some time before the Halfers started to come in, so we went to sit in Lisa’s truck (it was much warmer in there) to make signs. I can honestly say I had never before made a race sign. I was stumped! But, then I thought to myself, what would I want to see?

Photo Jan 17, 1 20 39 PM

My sign was clearly a hit!

Because of the weather we stayed near the finish line and didn’t leave the park. We set up our cheering section a couple hundred feet before the finish and cheered on all the runners as they came in.

We had plenty of Fit2Runners out on the course, but one stuck out for Lisa and I. Don has been chasing a sub-two for quite some time, and today he was going to run with Michael who was pacing the 2:00 group. I felt confident that Don could keep up with Michael, but could Michael keep up the pace with all this crazy weather?!

All the elites came in and it was so exciting to see.

We were just enjoying everything around us, and then I look up, and I see Don. And, I’m screaming, and then I realize I don’t see Michael. Holy crap he’s ahead of Michael! He’s gonna do it! (sidenote: we were too far from the finish to actually see the time). By this time Lisa and I are screaming our heads off and running towards Don and then chasing him to the finish. And, you know what, he did it… in 1:54. Ahhhh!


All of our Fit2Runners did such a great job! At one point I was walking past a lady that I overheard say, “nobody is getting a record in this weather”. And, I so wanted to say, “three of our runners did!”. 🙂

Looking back, the weather was out of control and I think Chris made the right call. I had a lot of running buddies out on the course, and I wouldn’t want their safety to ever be jeopardized.

After the race, I had a lot to do. The Boy and I ran errands and grabbed some lunch. And then we went over to my parents house for an early birthday-dinner for dad (his birthday is the 19th). We ordered pizza and a Greek salad for me.

Photo Jan 17, 6 52 20 PM

***It’s GIVEAWAY time***

At the Bill Rodgers book signing, I picked up two SIGNED copies of his book- Marathon Man– one for me and one to giveaway.

To enter the GIVEAWAY is simple:

  1. Comment below who your running idol is.
  2. For an extra entry, follow me on Instagram or Facebook, and comment below letting me know you did.
  3. That’s it! A winner will be selected randomly this Friday January 22nd at 8:00PM EST.

*Please note: Must be in the US to qualify for prize.

Photo Jan 19, 9 19 20 PM

Happy Running!





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