Tempo Tuesday and a failed science project

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Today is the last workday before a nice long weekend, and if that wasn’t exciting enough…my baby sister comes home today.

She’ll be here for over a week! Yay! 🙂

Yesterday was a great and busy day at work. I had to run a couple errands near lunchtime so I met up with mom to grab a bite to eat at Panda Express. And, completely forgot to snap a pic.

I got out of work late, and had to haul butt to training. And, even though I was practically changing clothes en route, I made it right on time.

After a 10-minute warmup and drills, I was off on my 30-minute Tempo run. 

I wanted to test a theory with this run. I wante to see if I could maintain a 10:30 or faster per mile pace while still incorporating the run/walk intervals.

The run started out great! I felt good, and before I knew it my 1 mile notice was sounding. 9:19! Whoa! 

I passed the normal 5K turn around zone and felt like I ran an additional .2 or .3 miles before it was time to head back.

I finished with a total time of 31:29. However, my watch did not accurately record my distance. It clocked me at 3.09, but if I clearly ran further than the normal 5k turn around, how does that add up…?

This made me so upset! And quite frankly, it ticked me off. I was really looking forward to analyzing the data from my little experiment.

Coach Kirsten knew just what to say to calm me down in the moment.

After all was said and done, I was still curious. Lisa was nice enough to tagalong with me to attempt to measure out the distance in my car.

Oh, and I totally had my watch hanging out the window in hopes that between that and my car’s trip gauge, I could settle on something that made more sense.

In the end, it looks as though I was closer to 3.24 miles. I still feel like the number is off, but what can I do…?

Just keep running. That’s what!

I got pretty upset about this whole ordeal, but I can’t let it ruin my day. I run for me and I run for fun, so what if I don’t know how fast/far it was.

There are far greater things in the world to be concerned with than the inaccuracies of GPS tracking. 

Question of the day

Any travels plans for the holiday?

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