Weekend ReCUP

Happy Sunday!

Is it just me or did this weekend just fly by? Regardless, I am looking forward to a nice short work week. I am off Thursday and Friday. AND! My baby sister will be here Wednesday!

But before that, we have a ReCUP to get to…



I ended my work day with a meeting at Oxford Exchange. That is quickly becoming one of my favorite coffee/tea shops. We all decided to go with tea this time; my carrot cake tea is on the far right. Very tasty!

Photo Dec 18, 4 34 19 PM

I had been in a blah mood all day (and most of the week now that I think of it). Unfortunately my funky mood carried over to our Friday night. I just wasn’t feeling very motivated to do much of anything.

We ran over to my parents house to drop off a few things, and then grabbed a quick bite to eat. Most of our evening was spent watching The Office.


The Boy had to work, so I got up super early (not super early, but early for a Saturday) to do some Christmas shopping.

It was a nice chilly morning- just what I was hoping for!

Photo Dec 19, 8 43 15 AM

I had been wanting to go to the new outlet mall that just opened in Tampa, but have been dreading the crowds. With the mall opening at 8:00 this weekend, I figured I might be able to beat the crowds if I got their early.

Luckily, I was right. I got there right around 9:00, grabbed a Starbucks and enjoyed 2.5 hours of some quiet outlet mall shopping.

I went there with one Christmas gift idea in mind; unfortunately that fell through, but Nike and Columbia (and quite a few others) were having some pretty great sales. Especially Columbia! I love their stuff, but they never have good deals. I scored today though! I got a nice new jacket and a vest for like 60 bucks (total!).

When I left there, I headed over to South Tampa to pick up a gift I had ordered, and then went to International Plaza hoping I might find a replacement to my failed gift-attempt from earlier. And, I did! 🙂

By this time, I was getting wore out from all the shopping. I made my way home, “wrapped” al of the gifts I’ve been hiding in our house (and by “wrap”, I mean I placed them neatly in gift bags), and then finally sat down to relax.

The Boy, my friend Michelle, and I had plans to see the Nutcracker performed at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. I love the Nutcracker and was so looking forward to this!

Photo Dec 19, 7 22 28 PM

It was such a fun show, and I thought all of the actors did a tremendous job!

Photo Dec 19, 9 30 56 PM


I was up super early (and this time, I mean it when I say “super”) for my weekend long run- first official long run of the season. 8 miles on the schedule. I met up with Don, Mandy, and Lisa at Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

Photo Dec 20, 9 04 34 AM

It was pretty chilly when we started, but it made for a very nice long run.


The run felt great, and I loved having some great running buddies to keep me company. We ended with 8.28 miles.

Photo Dec 20, 9 13 12 AM

Back home, the Boy was nice enough to make me breakfast. I helped with the bacon, but then the microwave tried to kill it, so…

Photo Dec 20, 10 49 00 AM

After a nice long nap, and helping my parents put back together their newly-painted house, the Boy and I went to the gym.

I started with a nice leisurely walk on the treadmill…

Photo Dec 20, 7 00 24 PM

And then did a 30-minute circuit workout.

I had a very active Sunday, and I like it!

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

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