I’m back at it and it feels good!

Good morning and happy Friday!

Ah! It’s Friday! I get to sleep in tomorrow. Please don’t anyone call or text me until 2:00 PM! Just kidding…

I started up my next round of training last night and could not be more excited!

When I saw my training plan come through my email, I kid you not, I was more excited than a kid on Christmas! Can you say run nerd?!

I have been experiencing an interesting case of the post-marathon blues. Up until last night, something was missing. And as soon as I got out there with my training group buddies, it just clicked.

Thursdays are speedwork, so I made sure to eat a nice BIG salad for lunch. Oh, it was good!

After work, I made my way over to Fit2Run. Traffic was a beast, but I made it. And I was pumped.

We had 800s and 400s on the agenda. 800 out, 400 all-out-sprint back in, then a 400 walk/slow jog recovery x3.

Having done absolutely zero speedwork since Route 66, and having not run in over a week (yeah, that can’t happen again), this was tough.

By time we finished I was so delirious! But, I finished. And, I felt good! My splits were:

  • 800: 4:47
  • 400: 1:59
  • 800: 4:25
  • 400: 2:04
  • 800: 4:47
  • 400: 2:06

I even see some consistency in there! I couldn’t have been happier to finally be back…even if it looks like I was dying.

With this next round of training, I want to change things up a bit. I’m going to make strength training and cross training more of a priority. And I am also going to incorporate a weekly training snapshot into my Weekend ReCUP posts, and create a training section here on the site where you can follow along.

I’m so ready for this!

I saw this on Facebook, and all I could think was “nope”! 🙂


Question of the day

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

—I’m pretty stoked about my long run (doing it on Sunday this weekend). 8 miles with some of my running buddies I have never run long with. 

6 thoughts on “I’m back at it and it feels good!

  1. Nice job on your speed work! I am also back to training and have been away from the blog world for a bit. Squeezing in some blogging today feels good. However, I don’t know that my being back to training feels good yet. I am hoping that feeling comes soon!

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