Holiday Gift Guide: Runner Edition

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I have a special holiday-themed post for you today…

Gift Guide: What to get the special runner in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide

Running shoes– new running shoes would be a welcome gift for any runner, but beware, runners are very particular about their running shoes. What works for one runner, may not work for another. I’m a Brooks girl- specifically these or these. If you are unsure what your runner prefers, take a peek in their closet.

Running clothes– A runner can never have too much running clothes. If you’re unsure of sizing, a giftcard to their favorite specialty run shop (like Fit2Run!) would be perfect. I’m not picky about my tank tops and will often buy whatever is cheapest, but I do enjoy these. For shorts, the biggest thing to consider is: brief or no-brief. I love my shorts with a built-in brief, and really prefer these, these, or these.

Socks– Want to put a smile on your runners face, get them nice running socks. My faves are Feetures and Smartwool, but the few times I have forgotten to bring socks and had to make an emergency Target run, I have turned to these, and actually really love them.

GPS running watch– ALWAYS a nice gift! You can’t go wrong with a Garmin.

Gym bag– A nice gym bag to lug all of a runners’ gear from point A to point B would make a very nice gift. I switch between this and this to get me from work to run.

Running belt/something to carry keys/phone/fuel– For shorter runs I use my Nathan running belt, and for longer runs I love my Nathan hydration pack.

Road ID– Peace of mind is always a great gift. Last year, I got everyone in my family a Road ID bracelet. Each bracelet comes engraved with name, in-case-of-emergency contact, and medical history.

Recovery toolsCEP compression sleeves or a new foam roller will earn you major brownie points.

Headphones– I love my Beats by Dre, but didn’t love the pricetag. Runners go through headphones a lot; I think a couple cheap pairs of brightly colored buds/clips would make a great stocking stuffer.

Magazine subscriptions– I’m kind of old-school and love print magazines. They are convenient to throw in a gym bag. Runner’s World and Women’s Running are my faves. Most local running shops carry Competitor, which is a free running mag; you could pick up a copy to include in your runners’ stocking. Save them a trip to the store! 😉

Gift subscriptions– A gift subscription to Audible or Oyster Books would make a great gift for the runner who likes to read.

Race entry– Know of an upcoming race your runner would like to participate in? Gift their entry!

Ipod– Upgrade their music-listening with a new Nano or Shuffle.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Fuel– your runners favorite fuel would bring cheer to any stocking. I’m a fan of GU packets. You can pick up singles at a local speciality run shop or at Sports Authority.

Nuun– Staying hydrated can get boring; Nuun doesn’t.

Clip light/flashlight– Safety out on the road is nothing to be taken lightly; a nice clip light to see and be seen makes all the difference. I love my Nathan Orion. But, also some cheap mini flashlights would make a great gift.

Itunes giftcards

Antibacterial wipes– I’m a runner. I get sweaty. Wipies are where it’s at!

Body spray

Hair ties– they are constantly disappearing, so a runner can never have too many.

Question of the day

What’s missing from my list?


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