Weekend ReCUP!

Happy Sunday!

I hope you have been having a GREAT weekend! My weekend has been awesome and exhausting! But, before I can sleep, we have a ReCUP to get to.


Friday Night

Friday was our company holiday party. I try to keep my work life separate from my non-work life, but I will say that I am in charge of the planning and had been doing so since about April. Everything came together much more than I could have hoped for, and everyone had a blast.

Afterwards, the Boy and I went to grab a bite to eat with Kim and Rocco. We opted for the Brandon Ale House and I had a plate of medium-garlic zingers atop a bed of loaded fries. Not at all healthy, but oh so good.

Photo Dec 12, 1 00 56 AM

We got home at 2:00AM! My body can no longer handle 2:00AM! That just hurts! I went to bed almost immediately.


And, was up by 7:00 to volunteer as a water girl for the Girls on the Run- Tampa 5k.

Photo Dec 12, 8 32 38 AM

After having danced the previous night away, I was sore and tired, but I am so so happy that I agreed to volunteer. Girls on the Run is a tremendous organization bringing light to what I feel is an often overlooked sport for young kids (especially girls).

All of the girls did such an awesome job! And, I especially love that all of the participants wear a #1 bib.

I even made a new friend…

Photo Dec 12, 9 59 48 AM

On the way out, we stopped by the Noosa yogurt booth where we scored big time- because Mandy is awesome and makes friends everywhere she goes.

Noosa is the best!

Photo Dec 12, 10 54 59 AM

I took a nice long nap once I got home, and then the Boy and I headed out to run a few errands. Since we were in the area, a stop at Jeremiah’s was a MUST. Lemon/vanilla gelati = YUM!

Photo Dec 12, 5 14 26 PM

The remainder of our Saturday night was spent at home watching episodes of The Office and snacking on this surprisingly tasty treat…

Photo Dec 12, 8 42 58 PM


Once again, I was up super early! Lisa and I planned a date to cheerlead the Holiday Halfathon! We met up at 6, and headed over to Madeira Beach to wish all of the Fit2Run runners good luck!

Photo Dec 13, 8 08 31 PM

My running buddy Don was totally in BEASTMODE…

Photo Dec 13, 8 08 43 PM

The race seemed very well organized, and just the right size. It started at the Madeira Beach City Hall. There were no start waves; everyone just kind of got where they felt they should be. The walkers were released about 15 minutes prior to the runners.

Photo Dec 13, 7 08 20 AM

After all of our runners were off, Lisa and I headed over to the mile 9 water stop. By the looks of the course map, this appeared to be a prime spot for spectating because it was easy to get to and offered ample parking.

The mile 9 Christmas cheerleaders quickly got into character. 😉

Photo Dec 13, 8 18 00 AMPhoto Dec 13, 8 08 50 PM

Within no time the elites were whizzing by…

Photo Dec 13, 8 10 14 PMPhoto Dec 13, 8 28 10 AM

And Santa too…

Photo Dec 13, 8 10 31 PM

Having never been a spectator at a race before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But, it was so much fun! I loved it! It was so exciting to see and cheer everyone and, and I think our enthusiasm was much appreciated!

We hung out at mile 9 for quite some time, and then headed over to the finish line once the 2:15 pace group passed.

The race was a point-to-point ending at Taylor Park in Largo. It took us forever to find a spot to park there, but we just rolled down the windows and continued our cheering.

Everyone did such a great job; I’m so proud of all the runners especially the Fit2Run finishers! Woohoo!

Photo Dec 13, 8 12 09 PM

Oh, and my buddy Don (from earlier) PR’ed with a 2:02. Yeah!!

Lisa and I hung out for awhile chatting and snapping pics. By time we headed out we were starved, and decided we’d just find somewhere along the way. I quickly spotted a Chick-Fil-A, asked Lisa if she was good with that, pulled a U-turn, parked, got out of the car, and started walking up when we were told by a couple girls sitting outside that it’s Sunday…and they are closed.

Yeah, that totally happened! I know they are closed on Sundays; I was convinced it was Saturday. Whoops!

So, Panera won the lunch battle by default.

For dinner, the Boy and I met up with my family for some Crazy cafe. It had been too long since our last trip to Crazy Cafe and I was starting to have withdrawals. Sushi and hibachi- it just doesn’t get any better.

Photo Dec 13, 6 35 53 PM

And now, I’m pooped and must sleep.

Have a great night!

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?



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