Just let me have a little more time 

Good morning and happy Friday!

Happy Friday indeed!

I have a BIG day today and am hoping everything goes off without a hitch. It also doesn’t help that I’m not feeling well; I’m just praying I can get to Saturday afternoon before it really hits me. Just a little more time… That’s all I need!

It’s been a crazy week, which explains the lack of posting, but that should settle down after this weekend.

We had the weekly Fun Run at Fit2Run on Wednesday. It was College Sports Team day! So much fun! 


Of course I had to represent the Citadel Bulldogs. Not my Alma Mater, but my brothers.

We had a nice big group for the run. Kayla and her family made it back out too! 🙂


And, 2XU was there with compression socks and sleeves to demo. This pic seemed like a good idea at the time, but just came out weird. Hah!  

Yesterday, I got roped into attending a fancy work event. So I decided to hang up my running shoes for one night.


Dinner was tasty. And…you sure can’t argue with open bar. 

Question of the day 

Do you enjoy getting dressed up, or are you a pizza-and-pajamas kind of person?

—I don’t like “fancy” all the time, but every so often I enjoy it.

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