Mid-ish week update in PICS

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Great, great, great day yesterday! 

I finally wrapped up a big work project that had been wracking my brain for the last two weeks.

And, the rest of my day included…
Salad! Salad just never gets old. I mean literally it does, but you know what I’m saying…

A hardworking pooch. It’s a tough job being a puppy!


I made it on the board! Granted, everyone does, but it was just so exciting to see…  

Fun Run at Fit2Run!  

Kayla even came out (pictured here with Nancy)! She brought her two young boys and husband, and they all had so much fun they want to make it a weekly thing! Yay!! 

On a side note, I did the full 5k and finally feel like I’m starting to get back to normal. I definitely need to foam roll more, but I was pleased with my performance.

On the way home, this car had me questioning, “seriously?!” 😉 

My day also consisted of an exciting trip to both Target and Kohl’s. So exciting, I snapped zero pics! 😉

Question of the day 

What did your Wednesday run consist of?

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