Weekend ReCUP special edition: Route 66 Marathon Recap

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for!

happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a few days since my last post, so we have a lot to catch up on. Let’s get to this special edition of the Weekend ReCUP!


I arrived in Tulsa early afternoon and could not have been more excited to get the weekend started.

After the most expensive cab ride of my life ($32!!), I was very grateful when my hotel allowed me to check in almost two hours early.

I stayed at the Best Western Downtown.

It’s a fairly new hotel, and was walking distance to everything and right across the street from the race expo. They were also an official race hotel and had some handy materials for all race participants.

I was going on about two hours of sleep, so once I got situated in my room, I took a nap.

After, I got ready and walked over to the expo to pickup my bib and to check out the bloggers forum setup.


The expo was small and pretty well organized. And the bib pickup line moved quickly. The expo hall however was pretty stuffy and warm; I got out as quick as I could as I didn’t want to get sweaty before the panel. 😉

I was starving and walked a few blocks up the road to see what I could find for lunch. I came up on a cute little cafe and decided to give it a try. Topeca was just what I needed! Gourmet grilled cheese and a side salad. Yum!


And then it was time to head back to the expo to prepare for the bloggers panel. By this time, I was getting nervous. My heart was beating super fast and I was almost feeling a bit dizzy. I found a nice spot to sit and relax to try and calm down a bit.

I headed inside about 15 minutes prior and almost immediately recognized Colin (another blogger from the panel) from his blog/social media profiles. I went over to introduce myself and we started chatting. Thankfully! Because it really helped to calm my nerves.

The panel was a lot of fun!


And looking back, I shouldn’t have been nervous. It was about running and blogging- two things I am passionate about. And when you’re passionate about something, it just comes naturally.

Once Uncle Barry and Kristy made it to Tulsa, we quickly looked up a dinner spot to try out. Uncle Barry was all about his Man Vs. Food list, so we selected from there (throughout the entire weekend).

El Guapo won for Friday night. I even broke down and ordered sangria. And it was good! The food and service, I thought, were both great! And I would totally go back.




After grabbing a quick bite to eat at the hotel, we headed next door (to the Doubletree) for the Bart Yasso shakeout run meetup. I’m such a dork and was so so so looking forward to this. He’s a super nice guy!


We went out for three miles in the chilly Tulsa feels-like-high-twenties-but-is-really-windy temps. I wore shorts. I didn’t care! I kept telling myself I wasn’t cold (this proved very helpful the next day).

The run was beautiful and I had a lot of fun giggling the entire time with some Marathon Maniacs.


A little later, we headed over to the expo as Uncle Barry and Kristy still had to pickup their bibs. And then we spent some time walking through the expo. I wasn’t planning to buy anything. Especially because my bags were already pretty full on the way out to Tulsa. But, the Triggerpoint girl got me! And Kristy too. 😉

No, I’m kidding. Kind of. I did pickup a new foam roller. Like the Mac Daddy of foam rollers. You know it’s intense when you actually scream out in pain. But, I’m so happy that I did because I got it for a great deal and as long as I keep foam rolling I know I’ll keep running.

Boo (and Trevor) got into town just before lunch, and I was so happy to see my baby sister. I miss her terribly and she is the only reason why I agreed to do a marathon in Oklahoma, and I just wanted to make her proud.

For lunch, we consulted the list and decided on Kilkenny’s an Irish pub in what I would consider the Hyde Park part of Tulsa. I really liked this place! It was cozy, the food was great, and the service was excellent!

We then did a little walking around the Hyde Park-like village and then headed back to the hotel to rest up.

Grandpa and his wife Dana got into town just in time for dinner. When our first choice was way too busy (think two hour wait and a restaurant that doesn’t accept reservations), we decided on Hideaway Pizza for our pre-race dinner. The service was not good, the wait wasn’t terrible, and the pizza was decent (just don’t ask my uncle). Really it was the company that made this special!

And then it was time to pack up, get prepped, and head to bed. I wrote out my mile dedications on my arm in case I “got stuck” during the race and needed inspiration to get me through.


And then I was off to bed!


I was up by 6:00, and headed downstairs in my pajamas to grab the hotel’s continental breakfast.

After getting dressed and pooping (twice! And yes, I know. TMI!) we headed out for the start line. I had on two jackets and throw away pants, and while it was definitely cold, I would not let myself say the words. I just kept repeating, “I’m not cold. It’s not cold out”.

After taking a few pics with the family and removing my throw away/don’t want to carry but don’t want to throw away clothes, we were off to Corral C.

I wasn’t nervous at all, but I also wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a time goal of 5:30, but really just wanted to have fun and enjoy every moment.

The race started at 8:00 and I crossed the start line at 8:17. Here is a fun video of my corral taking off; I’m at 1:54 in and looking good! 😉

I started out slow, and made sure not to skip my first walk interval.

The course was hilly. A lot hillier than I was expecting. It started on a hill, and then just kind of stayed on hills. I learned a lot about myself on this race. I learned that I prefer going up hills more so than coming down them.

I thought the entire course was well thought out and beautiful and the crowd support was awesome! We ran through so many residential areas- so many residential areas that were littered with throw away clothes and GU packets- and yet these residents came out in droves to support us. Also, I don’t think I have ever seen so many alcohol pit-stops during a race! People would just setup tables outside their houses with beer, Jell-O shots, tequila shots (with lime wedges), and so much more! Around mile 14 is where the party is at. 😉 I didn’t partake, but it was cool to see.

Once the half-marathoners turned off just before mile 13, it really died down. Of the 12,000 runners on Sunday, the majority were most definitely running the half. There were so many full-runners that looked tired and were struggling to move, and we were only halfway!

Not me though! I was having so much fun out on the course, and was cheering on everyone around me, and thanking all the volunteers and police officers. I honestly smiled the entire race! And it felt great!

At my last (and first) marathon (Disney- Jan 2015), mile 18 is where it fell apart. So coming up on mile 18 here, I still had it in the back of my mind, “what if?” But, I told that little voice in my head where to go, and just kept running…and smiling.

I “saw” my family around mile 21. And by “saw” I mean I heard my baby sister screaming, but only because she was screaming while running towards me and then continued to run with me for a few feet. I was so in the zone that I missed seeing them all! Whoops!

She even tried to take a selfie of us while running…


I dedicated each mile to someone in my life, because if I reached a difficult moment or needed help continuing I was going to focus my energy on them and the times we have shared. I never reached that point, and that felt really good. There were a handful of songs that I put on my playlist in honor of those on the list, and when certain ones would come on I would laugh. (P.S. Check back tomorrow because I will be sharing my KILLER marathon playlist).

When I got to mile 25, I told my big brother Hayman to bring me home, and that’s just what he did. Thanks Hayman!

Mile 26 felt amazing! I felt like the strongest runner out on the course- everyone around me was walking (and not part of a walk interval), and when I turned that corner and saw the finish line, I opened it up and just took off. Coming in to the finish line chute I could hear my family cheering me on. I threw my arms up and ran it in! 

I finished in 5:31:40 and it was a perfect race!

People came from all over the world to run Route 66 Marathon, and now I know why. It’s a great race! Not like any race I’ve ever done before!

They say running a marathon changes you. I didn’t feel that after Disney. I do now!


Just for fun, here are my splits…

  • 12:34
  • 13:25
  • 12:26
  • 12:41
  • 12:11
  • 11:49
  • 12:07
  • 12:48
  • 11:39
  • 12:18
  • 12:04
  • 13:07
  • 11:21
  • 11:44
  • 12:29
  • 13:11
  • 12:40
  • 12:33
  • 12:40
  • 12:25
  • 12:34
  • 13:05
  • 12:51
  • 12:07
  • 12:28
  • 11:21
  • 8:56 (.8 miles on the Garmin)

And, for fuel and hydration…

I had 4 GU packets total. One about every 5.5 miles. And one to two sips of Gatorade and almost all the water in the water cup at almost every water stop. For about the first 8 miles, I stopped at every other water stop.

And, for strategy…

I did a run/walk interval of 1:00/0:30.

For even more pics from the weekend, click here!

Thanks for reading!

Question of the day

Tell me about your best race ever! 

4 thoughts on “Weekend ReCUP special edition: Route 66 Marathon Recap

  1. You killed it! I went half your distance, and only finished 90mins ahead of you… very slow pace for me, but we both finished, and that’s the important part. It was great to meet you at the panel, and glad I could help calm the nerves before the panel began — that was a lot of fun. Hopefully, I’ll see you at Gasparilla in February — can’t wait to get back to the state of my birth!

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