Crushing speedwork goals and marathon prep

Good morning and happy Friday!

Well, it’s official… I’ll be speaking at the Route 66 Marathon Bloggers Forum.

There will be a forum on both Friday and Saturday of the race expo, and I was selected for Friday’s. The rest of the panelists include:

Friday 5:15 PM:

Saturday 3:00 PM

I’m more excited than I am nervous! And I feel very fortunate to have been invited to participate.

But first, I’ve still got 8 days left of training…

We had speedwork yesterday. Mile repeats were on the agenda, and I was assigned two. And you know what…? I showed that speedwork who’s boss! 😉

The last time we did mile repeats, I think, was in August. It was hot. And it was hard. But, I remember running like a 9:30. That’s good for me!

So, now that it’s “cooler”, I had two goals going into this workout. I wanted a 9:18 and a 9:22.

4:04?! Get real! My new watch went a little crazy on me. Did I get ya though? 😉

I didn’t run a 4:04, but… I crushed BOTH goals. 9:06 and 9:15. Boom! And, it felt good!

I also feel like I ran it smart. I feel like I paced myself well until it was time to open up and let loose.

That really boosted my confidence and hopefully I can carry it through to next weekend.

Next weekend! I can’t believe how close it is getting. I still have so much to do before the big day.

I need to finalize my list of mile-dedications, and figure out my race-day jams. I am hoping to create a brand new playlist laid out to accommodate where I plan to be physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually when each song comes on. This may be a bigger undertaking than I am thinking, but I wanna try.

Some of the early contenders include:

  • Brave- Sara Bareilles
  • Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke
  • Rollin’- Limp Bizkit
  • Style- Taylor Swift
  • Helena Beat- Pumped up Kicks
  • Angel’s Son- Sevendust
  • Thunderstruck- AC/DC

I ended my night icing my knees, and foam rolling. I can totally feel a difference when I DON’T foam roll, and it’s so crazy looking back to my last training cycle when I’d do it maybe twice a week…

Can you say crazy?! 😉

Questions of the day

How often do you foam roll?

Last song you added to your playlist?

8 thoughts on “Crushing speedwork goals and marathon prep

  1. Good luck and have fun at the expo! Sounds like a great opportunity. I foam roll before and after every single workout, and sometimes at night just for fun (kidding– about the fun part!). Happy running and good luck with the rest of your training!

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