Mid-week day off in pictures!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Whether you worked or not yesterday, I hope you had a great Wednesday!

The Boy and I were both off from work, and had a nice afternoon gym date. Chest and triceps!

Followed by “happy hour” at Wow! That’s Fresh. $5 pizza/drink combo ($6 is you want a fancy pizza).

I was able to get some VIPs out to the Fit2Run Fun Run: mom, dad, the Boy, and Mr. Chris (who appears to be the only photogenic one of the bunch). 😉

Nike came out for a demo too! I opted out this time though.

And, an informative ankle/foot injury prevention “workshop”

Had a nice size group out for the run!

Followed by some food court grub. Yeah, this salad is 5 bucks and all the unlimited veggies I could want. Score!

And some Nuun to keep me hydrated! Tri-berry for the win! Although, I’ll probably grab some of the watermelon that I just noticed at the store the other day.

Question of the day

What flavor Nuun/Gatorade/juice do you like best?

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