Taper blues and some training reflection

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I am definitely well into my taper. I know so because my emotions are all over the place. How fortunate for the Boy! 😉

I found out yesterday that Kristy (my uncle’s girlfriend) will no longer be running the full in Tulsa; her coach has suggested she drop down to the half due to some ankle issues. You definitely can’t help these things, and I am still so looking forward to seeing her (my uncle too!), but this news kind of hit me hard.

She’s a much stronger runner than I am, and has competed in many more races than I have. Heck, she’s an Ironman!

I don’t know, I already experienced the first bout of the inevitable can-I-really-do-this taper tantrum this past weekend, so it’s probably just residual from that. And, I didn’t expect her to run with me during the full- she’s faster than me too- but it’s definitely going to be a test of my mental preparedness.

With all of this in mind, I have decided to dedicate each mile of the marathon to someone in my life. I will be making a list and writing it on my arm.

The Boy is so sweet though! He requested I dedicate mile 18 to him, as he remembers that being the toughest mile for me during WDW.

Also…I haven’t told you guys yet, but… I have been invited to join the blogger’s panel discussion at the Route 66 Marathon expo. I’m still waiting on all the final details to be confirmed, but I’m pretty stoked. Oh, and really nervous! 😉

Question of the day

Who would you dedicate your marathon miles to?

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