Weekend ReCUP!

Happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend has been great! Mine sure was!

I can’t believe Route 66 is less than two weeks away! I’m getting very excited!

Let’s get to the ReCup!


Friday night

The Boy and I met up with my parents, and my brother and his girlfriend for dinner in Tampa at Maggiano’s. I’m not a huge fan of Maggiano’s, but thought that our dinner was very good. All of us opted to do the “Meal for two” thing, which came with choice of appetizer, two entrees to eat then, two entrees to take for tomorrow, and one desert. All for 40 bucks! Good value and tasty! Since we all opted for that option, we got to test out a few appetizers, and a few desserts. I love sampling like that! 😉

Since we were at the mall, the Boy and I walked over to Old Navy to check out their sale. I found a cute open-front cardigan on sale for 10 bucks and a pair of red flats to wear for Kat’s wedding.

Back home, I got packed up for my early morning longrun, and then got to bed as early as I could get myself to fall asleep (it was closer to midnight).


I was up by 4:30. I ate some breakfast and was on my way. I wasn’t feeling 100% when I woke up, and I really wanted to go to the bathroom before my run, but couldn’t. Yeah, I know, TMI… 😉

I got down to Bayshore, got situated, stretched, and was off. Oh, and I mean I was off! It sucked! It really just sucked! I was hot, my knee was killing me, and my form was all over the place. I was having to take extra walk breaks (asides from my normal walk intervals) within the FIRST MILE.

I didn’t even get to two miles (1.93 to be exact) before DNFing. Sometimes your run is a big thumbs down!

I know it’s weird, but I really wanted to go to the Wine & Dine Half Marathon expo at Disney. Luckily my mom agreed to go with me.

It sounds so dorky to say it now, but I wanted to see if RunDisney had any “I’m training for the Star Wars Half/Challenge” shirts. They didn’t!


I picked up a Bondi Band because I have been wanting to try them out, and some cool Dr. Cool products. Hehe! Did you see what I did there…?

I saw a bunch of Fit2Runners while there and got to wish them all good luck once again. Their race ended up having a weather delay and was eventually cut down to 7 miles. I was so sad to hear that! They all they got their medals for finishing the 7 miles, but it just kind of sucks. You train for 13.1; you want to run 13.1.

On our way back to Tampa, mom and I decided to stop in Lakeland for late lunch and shopping. We settled on Firehouse Subs which is usually always a good choice…unless the kid taking your order hears “pepperoni” when you ask for extra pepperoncini. That salad doesn’t even come with pepperoni to begin with. Oh boy!

The Boy and I had a very lazy evening in and it felt great! We got to relax with The Office while I iced my knees and foam rolled.


There was no way I was setting an alarm. And, I didn’t. And, it felt good. Once, I finally got up, we had a pancake breakfast and then I did some work on the computer.

I wanted to give my 12-miler another try, but opted to do it on the treadmill. I got out the Biofreeze to see if that might help any, and was pleasantly surprised. My knee felt pretty good!

I got in some good reading, watched a little TV, and the miles flew by. I was proud of myself!

I was even more proud of myself for immediately finishing up my run with some good stretching and foam rolling- before even leaving the gym.

By time I left though, I was HUNGRY! Thankfully I had my GU with me for the run, because it would not have been pretty if I didn’t. I quickly got cleaned up, and the Boy and I went to what is becoming our Sunday spot- WOW! That’s Fresh. I even splurged for the fancy fries!

The remainder of the night will be spent relaxing with The Office and Dr. Cool… 😉

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

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