I finally got her out!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I had a super day yesterday! I’m looking forward to ending the week on a high-note… We’re almost there, I can feel it!

Once again, I was bad for lunch and went out. I get into these funks every so often. It’ll pass soon! And, no judging, but I went to Krystal Burger. I didn’t even take a pic because I wasn’t even planning to mention it here. 😉

I know it’s so bad, but it was so good.

After work, I headed over to Fit2Run for the weekly Fun Run. And! I was so so so excited because my mom FINALLY agreed to come out. We even got my dad to join in! 🙂


New Balance was there with some new models to demo. I grabbed a pair of the 860’s (a new stability shoe model). They felt a bit weird from the moment I put them on, but decided to give them a try.

I enjoy having the opportunity to test out different products that the Fun Run sponsors are gracious enough to bring out, but these weren’t the right shoes for me.

I’m just going to stick to my beloved neutral Brooks. 🙂

The fun was great! Although, my dad is CRAZY and a bit too stubborn at times. He doesn’t run, and really shouldn’t with all the issues he has had with his ankles, etc. But, he came out and ran the entire 5k. I’m pretty sure the last time he ran was around 2010…

Mom doesn’t run, but I think she had fun walking. And I hope she’ll come back again soon! (*wink *wink)

After we finished, I was starving! We went over to the food court for a bite to eat. I finally decided to give Rise Pies a try. I’m so happy that I did because everything there is so fresh, and made-to-order. I went simple with a sausage pizza and a side salad. I really like the way they do their salads. Five bucks and all the veggies you could want!


I got in some good foam rolling while the Boy and I watched The Office snacking on this Costco score…

Question of the day

Do your parents run?

Who inspired you to start running?

2 thoughts on “I finally got her out!

  1. My parents so don’t run but they are very active. So cool that yours came out – I can’t believe your dad was just like, “Oh hey I’m going to bust out a 5K now, NBD”. Soooo coool.

    I don’t know what Krystal Burger is but I want one. And the pizza. And the Costco score. I’ll take one of each, please!

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