Mid-week catch-up in pictures!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I thought we’d have some fun today, and do a little catch-up with some pics!

Candy corn + peanuts + raisins + almonds + dates trail mix! All I was missing were the chocolate chips. 😉


Quinoa/rice and veggie lunch…


Lunch overlooking the water.


BOGO at WOW! That’s Fresh! Say what?!


A little Starbucks treat for breakfast.

Halloween Fun Run 5k at Fit2Run. It was a ton of fun getting all dressed up to go running!

ON Running came out and let us demo a bunch of their shoes.

I thought the shoes were very comfy, but I don’t see myself being able to run in them for long-distance.

Everyone looked so great in their costumes!

Coach “Captain America” Kirsten giving us the lowdown before we head off.

Pre-run pic! Can you spot the shark?

Go, Lisa, go! She is running Athens in T-minus 10 days and counting! Woooohoooo!

Post-run group pic!

Chipotle Veggie salad for the win! It had been far too long since my last one.

Question of the day

Most random pic on your phone right now?

—I have a weird pic of two blank envelopes on my phone. It was taken for a compare/contrast type of thing.

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