Tempo Tuesday and makeshift taco-less Taco Tuesday 

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I had a great day yesterday and an even better lunch. I had a working lunch with a couple of the marketing reps. We went to ABC Pizza, and it was tasty…

I finished my day in South Tampa, and after work headed over to the mall a little early to do some shopping. Once again, I didn’t find the shoes I’m looking for, but I’m getting closer. 😉

Then it was time for Tempo Tuesday! I had 45 minutes on the schedule. My legs felt pretty tight, and I forget my headband which made the wind extra annoying, but I didn’t walk at all. I’ll call that a success! 
Back home, the Boy and I made soy chorizo and eggs for dinner. 

It was tasty, but definitely needed a tortilla. And I had none! What kind of a (half) Mexican doesn’t have any tortillas?! Please don’t tell my grandma. 😉

In hopes that my legs will feel better for my next run, I soaked in some epsom salt bath water, iced and elevated my knees, and foam rolled.

I would also like to give a big shoutout to my mom… HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You make 50 look good!


P.S. Way to go on having like the coolest birthday ever. It’s Back to the Future day!!!

Questions of the day

How was your last run?

Favorite Back to the Future movie?

-I love the second one most!

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