Weekend ReCup

Happy Sunday!

A happy Sunday indeed!

I am so sorry I have been so MIA this week. We had a big surprise party for my mom’s 50th birthday last night, and we flew in my grandma AND my sister to surprise her. I’ve been busy prepping for that, and…well I’m not terribly good with surprises, so I thought it best for me to keep quiet. 😉

Weekend ReCUP

Before we get to the ReCUP, I have to tell you about Speedwork Thursday.

I was feeling really overwhelmed and super stressed, and my mind was just not in it. But, I crushed it! I was proud of my times, AND I was pretty consistent (for me). We had 800’s and 400’s on the schedule. We would run out 800m, rest for one minute, run back 400m, and then walk/light jog back the remaining 400m, and that equaled one set. I was assigned to do that three times, and my splits were as follows:

  • 800m: 4:28
  • 400m: 2:14
  • 800m: 4:22
  • 400m: 2:22
  • 800m: 4:28
  • 400m: 2:08


There was some tasty Wok Chi for lunch.


They have the best fortune (cookies) there!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.20.45 PM

After work, I picked up some party supplies for Saturday’s festivities. Then, the Boy, grandma (who had just flown in), and I went to dinner. We decided to go to Smokey Bones. I ordered a buffalo blue grilled chicken sandwich.


We came back home, so I could get packed up for my early morning longrun. And then, left to pickup Miss Boo at the airport; her flight got in at 11:30.

The surprises have landed!


I immediately took her over to mom and dad’s, as she wasn’t able to get any extra leave. So her trip was going to be a super short trip.


There was lots to do, and what felt like no time to do it.

I had 17 miles on the schedule, and felt very pressed for time. I woke up crazy early and made my way over to Tampa to get it in.


I was having a kick butt run, and (for me) was hauling butt. I wasn’t running a lot faster, but I kind of was. I kept telling myself that I needed to slow down, but it just felt good.

I started at one end of Bayshore Blvd, and ran down to a park at the opposite end. This little “loop” here gives me just under 10 miles on one nice continuous sidewalk. My plan was to repeat the “loop” for the remaining 7.4 miles, but on the way back I noticed that they were closing Bayshore and setting up detour signs. And, sure enough, by time I got back to my car, the lot I was in was sectioned off and being monitored by a police officer.

Bayshore is home to a lot of big events, this one in particular being a 5k walk for diabetes. I was really ticked that there was no signage whatsoever prior to me starting my run; I would not have parked there had I had known. Nevertheless, I knew I was going to get stuck if I didn’t move my car, but I wasn’t sure the cop would even let me. Luckily, he was nice enough to let me out. Because of all the road-closures, I just headed back home to finish up my run there, so there was about a 15-minute delay between part-one and part-two. 😉

I don’t like running by my house, so I decided to go a new route. It wasn’t pretty. I finished the 7.4 miles I needed, but I had to fight for it.

One thing I realized on this longrun was that I’ve never run this high of mileage solo. All of the longruns done training for WDW were done with the Boy. This came as kind of shock, I just hadn’t thought much of it I suppose. But, it hit me, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. No wonder I’ve been so nervous going out on my longruns this training cycle.

After I finished my run, I quickly got ready, and then we were off.

First up, was brunch at mom and dad’s. Where I FINALLY got to meet my new niece Ellie.


I wasn’t expecting her to be so teeny tiny. There may have been tears of utter joy!


Then grandma and I ran over to Publix to get balloons and a cake. We rushed home to change, dropped the cake off to the Boy who was finishing up his day at work, and then it was party time!

Mom’s surprise party started at the Sail Pavilion- a little pop-up bar downtown Tampa.


Downtown Tampa was a hoppin place yesterday. There was a Lightning game, Streetcar Fest, and a black tie benefit for the Humane Society. We were right next to the Convention Center, where the black tie event was taking place, so there was this…


AND a ton of cute puppies hanging out hoping to find forever homes. There are no pictures of all the new friends I made. Mostly because I was hormonal, practically in tears, and trying to not hyperventilate. It was cuteness overload! And I totally could have walked away with any one of them. And yes, I’m kicking myself for not.

Back to the party…

Plan was to hop on a streetcar and take a nice ride over to Ybor City. Once on the streetcar, our “little” part was not so quiet, so I kicked everyone off at the next stop. We moved it over to another pop-up bar, and eventually made our way to Splitsville, where the real party was taking place. Everyone had a lot of fun eating, drinking, playing pool, and of course, bowling.

My family…incapable of taking one good family photo. 😉



Miss Boo had a 10:45 flight, so we all met up early for breakfast and smoothies to say bye. Even Ellie came!


The Boy and I eventually made our way to the gym for chest and triceps. I’m going to be regretting this tomorrow!

And then went over to my parents’ house for pizza and to say bye to grandma.

And now, I’m going to relax.

Question of the day

What was the high and low of your weekend?

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