Spin me right round

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I have a very busy work week ahead of me, as I am preparing for a large seminar we are hosting next Monday. My head is spinning and will be until 8:00PM Monday night. 😉 With that being said, I may be a bit short with my posts this week.

I had a really productive day in the office yesterday, and couldn’t wait to get home so the Boy and I could hit up the Costco.

Seriously! It had been way too long since our last Costco trip. I was having withdrawals!

We definitely had a lot on the shopping list…


It was an off-day from running, so once we were back home, I worked on a couple projects and then prepped my lunch for today. I’m hoping today’s lunch is better than yesterday’s. It looks pretty, but it wasn’t the tastiest.


Speaking of tasty. What is up with the Honeycrisp apples?! Whoa! Holy tastebuds, Batman! They are good this season!


The remainder of our night was spent unwinding with some Sons of Anarchy.

And lastly, for anyone local, this is sure to be a fun time. I’m looking forward to it!

Question of the day

What’s your favorite thing to buy at Costco?

7 thoughts on “Spin me right round

  1. Agreed, the honeycrisp crop this year is delicious. I have had one every day for about the last 2 weeks. I love the kale salad mix at costco and adding feta sprinkled on top makes it the best.

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