I eat speedwork for breakfast and Chipotle for dinner!

Good morning and happy Friday!

How is it already Friday?! Oh, who cares…it’s FRIDAY!!


Yesterday was a SUPER day! I had a great, productive day at work. For lunch, I had a very filling brown rice/veggie mix and two hard boiled eggs.


After work, it was time for Speedwork! And I was pumped! After crashing and burning on Tuesday, and then skipping Wednesday (if you hadn’t noticed), I was ready!


On the schedule was 200s and 300s. We did 300m out; 300m back; 200m out; 200m back, and I was assigned to do that “set” three times. With my girls in tow, we showed that speedwork who was boss! It felt great, and I felt strong throughout the entire workout.

My splits were as follows:

  • 300m: 1:28
  • 300m: 1:24
  • 200m: 0:52
  • 200m: 0:49
  • 300m: 1:34
  • 300m: 1:22
  • 200m: 0:56
  • 200m: 0:54
  • 300m: 1:37
  • 300m: 1:31
  • 200m: 0:58
  • 200m: 0:53

I worked hard for that, and I am proud of it! I still need to focus more on consistency, but I feel like I’m seeing little bits of improvement here and there.

After we finished, we grabbed our free smoothies and chatted for a bit. I really am growing quite fond of these girls! 🙂


I stopped by Chipotle on the way home to grab a veggie salad. Chipotle just never gets old…


And, I apologize to the people standing directly in front of or behind me in line because I know I did not smell pleasant. Sorry! 😉

I then spent some time watching The Mindy Project and foam rolling.

Questions of the day

How do you pump yourself up for a hard workout?

—Metallica certainly helps, but I try to just tell myself over and over that I got this. 

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

—Long-run plans with some running buddies from the training group. 

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