Well that wasn’t pretty

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Our visitor flew back home yesterday morning. We sure are going to miss her, but we’ll get to see her soon enough when we come up for a wedding in January.

Before dropping Meag off at the airport, we stopped for breakfast. We opted to try out The Brunchery in South Tampa. 

We split an order of their signature French toast and eggs Benedict. 

Everything was super yummy and their coffee was spot on! I’ll definitely be back, and next time I’m going blueberry pancakes. 🙂
After work, it was time for Tempo Tuesday. I had 40 minutes on the schedule and partnered up with two others that had the same amount of time to run.

During our 10 minute warm-up, I had a muscle spasm in my leg (that may or may not be the appropriate terminology for it; the Boy refers to then as Charlie horses). I then felt very sluggish during drills. 

I did the 40 minutes and finished, but it was not pretty. I was so off my game, and then to top it off I allowed myself to go out too hard. 

But, you know what, this is one of the things I enjoy most about running. It’s always a surprise. Will I have a good run? Will it suck? It keeps you on your toes and also humbles you. I’m lucky I’m able to run- bad days and all.

Back home, I had a giant thing of Nuun. I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but it makes me feel so good.


I finished my night with some light meal prep for the remaining weekday lunches.

Question of the day

What do you love most about running? 

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