She’s here!!!

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Meag arrived last night, so to get this party started the Boy and I are taking the next few days off from work. If you need me today, I’ll be at the beach… 😉

Had a great day at work yesterday! A very busy day spent mostly on the road going from office to office, but all around great!

For breakfast, I had a yummy Svelte shake. I didn’t love this flavor, but I sure do love these shakes. So so so easy for me to just grab and go.

After picking Meag up, her and I went to dinner at Bartaco in Hyde Park.

There was a 20 minute wait, so we pulled up a seat at the bar, and shared chips and quac.

For entrees, we each ordered three tacos. I opted for baja fish, cauliflower, and duck. Very very yummy! Each one had its’ own delightful kick! The fish was my favorite though!

I obviously didn’t run at Fit2Run, and was worried I was going to get too caught up in things and miss my run altogether. All three of us ended up heading over to the gym just before 11:00, and while I was clearly not feeling the run (I had 4 scheduled and ended with 2.5), I was happy that I got something in.

Today we’re doing a beach day, and then it’s Speedwork. This should be interesting. 😉

Question of the day

Do you have a favorite beach?

12 thoughts on “She’s here!!!

  1. Enjoy your time with your sister!! I LOVE spending time with mine!!

    Beach day sounds OH so fun…I usually go to Holmes Beach because it is very kid friendly…you know..if you DON’T have sometimes don’t want to have kids around you while you are relaxing. Enjoy!!

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