Um…do you know what today is?!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday. The 22nd. Which means today at noon registration opens up for the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend at Walt Disney World. I seriously have four alarms set…

I am obviously way too excited to let anything get me down. But, yesterday was an interesting day. It was a great day at work and also a not so great day. On days like that, you just gotta keep your head up and keep moving forward.

For lunch I went to Olde Town Pizza and enjoyed a delicious strawberry walnut salad. It seriously tastes like dessert- there’s no way it can be good for me.

It was an off-day from running, so after work, the Boy and I took some unwanted items over to Goodwill and then stopped at Zaxby’s for a quick bite.

And then it was back home for Sons of Anarchy season 2 finale.

Question of the day

Anyone else hoping to register for Star Wars?

10 thoughts on “Um…do you know what today is?!

  1. I need to sign up for a race like this. I’ve done one destination race and had a blast. A disney one would be a good excuse to take the kids 🙂 Hope to hear all about it once you run it!

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  2. I love Zaxby’s black and bleu chicken salad. Their fries are really good too. I hope you got registered ok. I am not really into theme races but I respect everyone. Good luck

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    • I do enjoy their blackened blue salad. And, I feel you. I did WDW in January and wore a costume because it was my first, but I don’t really care for the whole costume scene. I’ll likely wear a Star Wars shirt, but that’s about as far as I’ll go now. 😉


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