I can’t count!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

It feels like this week is going by slow, but at the same time, I can’t believe it is already Wednesday.

Great day at work yesterday! I went in early to decorate the office of one of my coworkers. Please note: when you put me in charge of birthday decorations, you’re getting Disney Princess. Yeah!!!

Failure on my part for forgetting to snap a pic.

After work, I headed over to Fit2Run for Tempo Track Tuesday. It started to rain, so we moved into the parking garage. Our coach changed up the workouts a bit because of the weather situation, and I was assigned 6 laps of hard up the “middle”/easy down the “middle”. We went from level one to level six. 

This was a tough workout! Made even tougher by my own stupidity. I got in my six laps, and went over and started chugging my Nuun. Then the girls that were right there neck and neck with me that were assigned seven laps passed by once. And then once more!!! 

Crap! I miscounted! I had to rush back down to level one and get in my actual final lap. 

What a dork! 

Counting and running are two things I just can’t multitask. 😉

The workout felt pretty good, but my legs were still feeling rather heavy. My IT Band even started to get a bit cranky. As soon as I got home and showered/changed, it was time for compression sleeves and foam rolling. And clearly, I brought my style A-game…


Question of the day

How would you decorate a coworkers office?

Disney Princess for a girl; monster trucks for a boy. And yes, I am referring to grown adults here. 

6 thoughts on “I can’t count!

  1. A girl and I in the elevator just now talked the whole way trying to figure out if it was Tuesday or Wednesday, just one of those weeks I guess. Also, my biggest hesitation doing track workouts is because I always lose count or forget what I’m supposed to be doing. I have to have something written down on paper or on my arm. Good job only missing 1 lap!

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  2. Your post made me realize that I’ve been neglecting my foam roller lately, oops!!! Also, I had the EXACT SAME thought today. The week seems to be dragging but also, it is already Wednesday! I just said to my 2nd period class – today is Thursday right? And they were like…oooooo, Mrs. Fiorini, sorry but NO. Bring on the weekend!!

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