Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

I sure hope you’ve had a great weekend, and I hope the weather played nice. My weekend overall was pretty great, and rather relaxing.


Friday night

I was in the mood for Hooters. So that’s where we went.


I then proceeded to order probably the worst meal I could have picked for me. Think fried things. Lots of fried things. Everything was tasty (especially the fried pickles), but it was just overkill and I ended up feeling really nauseous after we left.


You live and learn though. 😉

After a couple quick errands, it was time to pack up for my weekend long run. I was so stoked for my long run because after the run the Fit2Run ambassadors season kickoff party was planned, and I had just received this in the mail and couldn’t wait to try it out.


I woke up bright and early. So bright that the sun wasn’t even out yet. 😉 I was on my way to Weedon Island by 6:30. On the way there I saw lightning, and then I saw more lightning, and by time I was pulling in I knew it wasn’t looking good.

The sunrise was pretty, but there were some ominous clouds rolling in.


The run AND party were cancelled due to the weather. I was so bummed! Stupid rain. And yes, I proceeded to say that every 10 minutes for the next 2 hours.

I did get my Fit2Run ambassador swag bag, so it wasn’t all bad…


I stopped by Starbucks on the way home hoping that would cheer me up. Unfortunately though, they screwed up my drink and I didn’t realize it until I was already back on the road. Sadness!

I did a couple things around the house before waking up the Boy, and then we got ready and headed out to breakfast at First Watch. It was very yummy!


I still really really wanted to run outside; rain was forecasted almost every hour throughout the weekend. I kept checking my Weather Channel app in hopes that something would change. Around late afternoon it looked like I finally had my chance; it showed a rain-free 4-hour block which was perfect because all I needed were 2 hours.

I made my way over to my parents house because I planned to run from there. I asked my dad to come pick me up if it started to rain- I meant it as a joke.

The plan was to run “up” from their house 4.5 miles and turn around. Simple enough.

I had just passed the 4-mile mark; I pulled out my GU and took a quick pic. I thought this looked pretty.


I now think it looks mean.

I didn’t get even a quarter of a mile further before it started to rain. Hard. I’ve never had to deal with that before- I’ve been very lucky up until this point. I saw some trees up ahead that looked like they had a dry spot under them. It wasn’t long before I was soaked. I got my phone out and texted my parents- praying that they hadn’t already left to go dinner.

They were on their way in no time, and I was so so so appreciative.

Since my gym was closing up for the day, I couldn’t get in the second half of my run, so the Boy and I went out for dinner. We opted for Sweet Tomatoes, and it definitely hit the spot.

We spent the remainder of our night watching more than a few Sons of Anarchy episodes.


I woke up to rain. Lots of rain. By 11:30 it slowed to a drizzle, allowing me some time to get in a few errands I needed to run.

I then had a very nice- lazy- afternoon at home. Around 5:00, I felt I was safe to get in long run part 2. I got packed up and made my way to downtown Tampa. It was so nice out, and not too hot. My legs felt stiff and heavy, but I didn’t care, I was outside!


Since my normal Glycerins were still drying off, I decided to pull out the new ones I just ordered. I got these for half the price I paid for my regular ones (with a coupon), and planned to just keep them in my closet until my regular ones wore out. Well…rain happens!


The Boy and I then enjoyed an incredibly tasty black bean burger/mac and cheese dinner. Yeah, this totally hits the spot every time!


And a big shoutout goes to two of the best grandmas in the whole world. Happy Grandparents Day!!!

My dads mom (left) and my moms mom (right) with my brother at his graduation.
My dads mom (left) and my moms mom (right) with my brother at his graduation.

Question of the day

What the high and low of your weekend?

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